#TGIM: Can you believe this happened during a baseball match?


(Marketingmagazine.com.my) – By: Malati Siniah

Innocent baseball fans in Japan who went to see their favourite teams play were not greeted with the star players of the Nippon-Ham Fighters and the Yakult Swallows. Instead, what they saw was literally straight out of a horror movie.

Sadako Pitching

As a promotional stunt to promote the highly anticipated horror movie, “Sadako vs. Kayako”, which pits two iconic ghosts– Sadako from the “Ring” movies and Kayako from the “Juon: The Grudge” against each other, both stars dropped by the game.

The two iconic female ghost duked it out on the field during the opening of the baseball game giving Japanese sports fans a fright of their lives. Sadako with her haunting long locks glided eerily onto the field to make the first pitch while the gruesome Kayako waited in anticipation to hit a home run.

The movie which features two of the biggest horror franchises in Japan is slated to be released on the 18th of June. There have been several promotional gambits launched in the past few months pitting both characters against each other including an online horse ‘race’ and a political campaign calling the public to vote on their favourite spook. So far the baseball promotion has been getting the most buzz with major international media outlets including The Washington Post and Mashable covering the story

Hopefully, the team’s cute mascots lessened the trauma of the terrified kids and adults who attended the game.

Promotional playoff

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