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RHB CNY video focuses on family support for success

Created by FCB Kuala Lumpur, the latest edition to RHB Group’s Challenger Series celebrates the determined spirit of professional gamer, Chai Yee Fung aka Mushi.

Titled ‘Belief’, this was the first time a Malaysian advertisement has championed a professional gamer.

The campaign was inspired by Mushi’s true story, who at a young age made the bold decision to pursue gaming as opposed to a more traditional career path.

Training relentlessly and with the constant support of his parents, Mushi became one of the world’s most celebrated pro gamers, and he played an integral role in putting Malaysia on the map with the gaming community, as the country embarks on its quest to be a hub for eSports.

Ong Shi Ping, FCB Kuala Lumpur’s Chief Creative Officer expressed excitement over the opportunity to create daring storylines with such unlikely partnerships. “Who would have thought that a bank would be so supportive about the life story of a gamer?

‘Belief’ shatters traditional conventions of banks playing on safe corporate-like narratives to pander to the usual festive sentiments.

“We’re extremely honoured to work on a brand that is brave enough to support ordinary Malaysians who have made their goals a reality, no matter how unconventional their dreams may be.”

Abdul Sani Abdul Murad, the Group Chief Marketing Officer of the RHB Group said: “RHB is a champion for all and we wanted to show that progress can come in many forms. Mushi embodies the RHB spirit…his courage to challenge society’s conventions and his parents’ belief in their son’s own nascent ability has made Mushi’s dream a reality.

This story embodies what we at RHB believe in… it is what ‘Together We Progress’ means.”

Mushi himself was surprised, stating “I never thought a bank like RHB would show interest in my story. I would like to continue elevating Malaysia’s name in professional gaming globally.”

The campaign was just launched on 19th January 2019 across RHB’s social media channels and has already racked up close to 1,000 shares. View the video HERE.

The video depicts the boy’s mother suggesting he start work for his father when he asks for sometime to make a success of himself and to his surprise his parents agree.

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