PLUS launches Tumpang video for Hari Raya

PLUS launched its first ever Raya web film continuing with the same concept that it captured previously in its CNY Shou Xin video which reflects entertaining storytelling with strong core values.

TUMPANG is a story of two men, Pak Man and Amir whose lives are unexpectedly intertwined. Throughout the film, the idea of silaturahim is explored. The relationships we have developed with our loved ones and the ones placed around us, is a direct reflection of our relationship we have with Allah SWT.

No matter the age, background or race, we are called to love one another and help one another – the underlying core value of PLUS for over 3 decades.

For those who have been given the privileges in life, it is our duty to lend our privilege in any way possible to those who need it.

Like many of us, through the act of helping others, we are taught unexpected lessons.

It is no coincidence that Pak Man and Amir’s path have crossed. Just like in our lives, it is no coincidence that we meet certain people in our lives.

Those people are here to encourage the good in us, whether it is to grow in generosity, to grow in patience, to grow in forgiveness or to grow in gratitude. Whomever we meet this Raya, we hope that they will bring you blessings just as you will to them.

Just as these two men are very different in every aspect, one act of kindness and their journey together brings about a lesson:

There are blessings in every journey.

Here’s the Tumpang video as well as PLUS’s previous CNY video in the same spirit.

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