Avanade launches its first Digital Innovation Studio in Malaysia

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Avanade today announced the launch of its first Digital Innovation Studio in Malaysia. Situated in Avanade’s expanded office space in Tun Razak Exchange, the studio will be home to a multi-disciplinary team of designers, developers, engineers, and product managers dedicated to helping clients reimagine experiences and create new products and services through a design-led, user-centric approach.

The new Digital Innovation Studio combines Avanade’s deep engineering and technology experience with the agility and creativity of a digital agency, to deliver enterprise-scale projects for businesses in Malaysia’s key industries such as energy, oil and gas, telecommunications, and financial services.

To help companies get started, the studio will create physical and digital spaces where companies can find inspiration, co-create new ideas, and test latest technologies from proof-of-concept and prototype to market launch and scale.

For example, the studio partnered with a multinational retailer to rethink the future retail experience – one that uses artificial intelligence and Internet of Things to create a personalized experience, from room ambience and curated shelves to preferred payment methods, for every customer.

“Malaysia is a strategic market for us in Southeast Asia, and this investment underscores our commitment to develop local talent as well as support the country’s digital economy aspiration. The nation’s MyDIGITAL initiative will unleash new growth opportunities for organizations that are agile and innovative enough to seize them,” said Bhavya Kapoor, Managing Director, Southeast Asia, Avanade.

“Our Digital Innovation Studio will work side-by-side with our clients in Malaysia to continuously assess the dynamic economic landscape and co-create tailored solutions that support new business models and enhanced experiences,” Bhavya added.

“Understanding end-user perspectives, collaborating across disciplines and co-creating with our clients are key aspects of our human-centered approach. It allows our Digital Innovation Studio to rapidly develop bespoke solutions that transform our clients’ operations and business models by putting people at the center of everything they do,” said Girish Khanna, Regional Innovation and Studio Lead, Southeast Asia, Avanade.

“We are excited to bring this approach, which is creating tremendous value for Avanade’s clients around the world, to our clients in Malaysia and help them make a positive impact through exceptional experiences for their customers and employees,” added Girish.

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Avanade’s Digital Innovation Studio in Malaysia joins the growing network of 19 studios located in major metropolitan hubs in Singapore, Australia, Japan, Brazil, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Poland.

Avanade is a leading provider of innovative digital, cloud and advisory services, industry solutions and design-led experiences across the Microsoft ecosystem. Every day, our 56,000 professionals in 26 countries make a genuine human impact for their clients, their employees and their customers.​

​Majority owned by Accenture, Avanade was founded in 2000 by Accenture LLP and Microsoft Corporation.

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