FRED & FARID Launches [Ai]magination, a Global AI Production Studio Tailor-Made for Brands, CMOs and Agencies in 2024.

From the beginning of AI’s emergence in our industry, we kept an eye on its evolution and impact. From gathering a community of AI talents around the world, to producing two AI art exhibitions in Shanghai and Paris under the name ‘Aimagination’, we are now taking it to the next level. This time, with the launch of a global AI production studio tailor-made for the advertising industry.

We’ve been obsessed with AI since Day One. It has become an inevitable part of what we do. Aimagination is set to redefine the exploratory potential of AI for the benefit of brands. It’s an effort we’re leading at a global scale with a team of in-house talents, and a growing community of AI artists around us.

Aimagination strives to be an answer to the contemporary challenges faced by CMOs, as speed, cost, and efficiency all take precedence in their marketing needs. With a commitment to upholding excellence in craftsmanship and conceptual thinking, Aimagination is a promise to the industry that our human creative taste is still needed.

To date, our production studio has generated 500 series + 50 videos across a variety of categories, styles, and techniques, and selected 200 series + 20 videos for its website, with a process of understanding the subtleties of original prompt conception, and singular curation.

Bringing Generative AI and Advertising Thinking Together:

While there are numerous talented AI artists and numerous talented advertising professionals out there, few will manage to successfully merge these two worlds in a way mutually beneficial for brands. Aimagination aims to guide brands on this exciting journey, bridging the best of conceptual creative advertising culture with the forefront of Generative AI culture. Aimagination brings a diverse, cross-functional team of AI experts, and conceptual experts to the marketing and advertising space.

Integrating Strategic and Tailored AI Solutions:

Recognizing the need for AI solutions to be well-crafted but also strategically aligned to each brand, our AI production studio utilizes the latest AI tools to deliver customized campaigns. Aimagination ultimately aims at freeing CMOs to build on their brand codes in limitless and reimagined ways.

“As a non-profit, we’ve been incredibly impressed by the speed, cost efficiency, and also the quality of [Ai]magination’s productions. It’s completely changed what we now know is possible with our visual campaigns.” (Katharina Maier – Fridays For Future USA)

Through the power of AI, our studio will provide a competitive edge in the fast-paced world of advertising without losing sight of the necessary craft, taste and brand relevance needed. This effective and efficient approach to creation opens the doors for brands of all sizes to launch high-quality concepts delivered at an unprecedented pace, all while minimizing the environmental and financial impact (still acknowledging the high energy consumption of AI).

Launching a New Chapter in Creative Advertising:

This launch marks a commitment to the future of advertising, a future where AI and human imagination converge to push the boundaries of what’s possible. This new chapter is not just about embracing cutting-edge technologies; it’s about shaping the future narrative of the advertising industry, setting new standards for creativity, and how we, as the creative community, have the power to harness it to the advantage of our brands.

Being in the heart of Shanghai, we’ve seen how AI has revolutionized what we do. AI can be seen as a threat to our creative industry, or it can be seen as a fantastic tool that helps us rethink what creativity is, and what we can do for brands. What can be more exciting than that?

“With Aimagination, AI has found its heart.” (Quote generated by GPT4. Curated by Jacques Seguela)

We are all looking forward to working with brands, artists, ad agencies, and even production companies on projects. We are approaching this new venture with a humble and collaborative spirit. Let’s never forget that, when it comes to Generative AI, we are all students, all together, reimagining the way we create.

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