SOLARBOX and FRED & FARID LA Debut TV Campaign, Reviving the Sun King (Louis XIV) for Modern Photovoltaic Messaging.

SOLARBOX, a French photovoltaic panel provider, joins forces with creative agency FRED & FARID Los Angeles to launch their TV campaign, “Put the Sun to work”.

The notorious french King Louis XIV liked to be referred to as the Sun King. Every French person learns this in school and is familiar with that fact. In the “Put the sun to work” campaign, the agency used the image of the Sun King generating electricity by pedaling a dynamo bike. This serves as a metaphor for the sun producing electricity for the entire family through solar panels on the roof.

These 4 TVC, conceived by FRED & FARID Los Angeles and cinematically brought to life by director Rémy Cayuela and Mozoo production, spotlights the sun’s everyday significance: from a teenager listening to music, a father’s routine task of vacuuming, a woman’s afternoon of lawn mowing, to a man’s morning shave. The narrative underscores a simple truth: The sun, erstwhile emblem of a mighty king, is today’s sustainable power source for the masses.

With energy conservation as a paramount global concern, and particularly pronounced in France, SOLARBOX is at the forefront of the solar wave.Their innovative solutions, coupled with an intent to democratize solar energy, position them distinctively in the renewable energy panorama.

FRED & FARID Los Angeles agency: “We always find it a genuine joy to build a brand, a branding, a territory, a language, a tone, a tagline… ‘Faites travailler le Soleil’ (‘Put the sun to work’) is a powerful, effective, versatile platform that’s built to last. One of the agency’s key capabilities is our expertise in building brand platforms for our clients.”


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