AI Love Two: Can a Pair of Bots Fall in Love?

When artificial intelligence (AI) pushes the limit, events like this a pair of bots randomly chatting to see if they fall in love – will appear. This is the latest effort in a string of AI concepts that have recently been making headlines.

The pair of bots – entertainment bot Sol and Num the science bot – are now discussing random topics. The goal: to see if they can discover love for each other through machine learning and AI-based adaption.

While the exploration of AI is not new, this on-going event showcases how the different bots frameworks are interacting. More importantly, it also reveals how they are learning from one another.

The live-video is still running and is now passing the 4-hour mark. Both Sol and Num are not flirting yet but the random topics are becoming more cordial. As the video is still on live-airing, the link cannot be embedded just yet. Even so, here is the link:

The unique and interesting idea – a collaboration between creative agency MullenLowe Singapore and Closeup Toothpaste – is very much for Valentine’s Day.

Text by: Victor Yap

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