Hugo Boss Rebrands With Two New, Distinct Hugo & Boss Identities

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Hugo Boss now wears more than one hat. The luxury label has rolled out simultaneous global rebranding campaigns for Hugo and Boss, clearly segmenting them for two demographics. Previously, it was tricky differentiating them; this Boss-level overhaul sees a “true 360-degree rebrand across all consumer touchpoints,” says the company.

Hugo is now for Gen Z consumers under the age of 25, while the Boss name targets millennials aged 25 through 40, Vogue Business reports. The company has an idea of where to connect to both audiences; marketing efforts for Hugo’s younger demographic will be focused on TikTok, while Boss’ millennial customers would be able to better engage with the brand on Instagram. Hugo’s collections will also be priced more affordably to accommodate fashionable but price-sensitive shoppers.

To encapsulate this shift and swerve in different directions, both brands have taken on bolder, contemporary logo redesigns for an “impactful visual experience,” departing from the classic serif look.

It’s the first time in almost 50 years that Boss, the flagship label, has adopted a new wordmark, and the first time in about 30 years that Hugo has had a makeover. Both have a common goal of becoming more diverse and globally resonant.

The dramatic transition follows the announcement of Daniel Grieder as CEO in June 2021. Grieder, who had spent more than two decades at Tommy Hilfiger, intends to double Hugo Boss’ sales to €4 billion (US$4.5 million) by 2025.

“Heritage is great and I realized that the potential of this brand is enormous—but we have to reframe it,” says Grieder in a statement.

The relaunches were unveiled with star-studded advertising starring international celebrities who represented both demographics.

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