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The pandemic might have posed a challenge to many industries, but Nuren Group – the media owner of – is soaring high. In fact, the Group closed the 2020 financial year on a high note, emerging as a 360-degree media service provider for hundreds of new major clients.

Nuren Group might have started small, with baby steps some would say, focusing all its attention on baby and parenting brands way back in 2016. But now, leaping into its 5th year, the Group is South East Asia’s Leading Women and Parenting Hub. Aside from the Baby and Parenting segment, the all-inclusive hub has now extended its advertising reach to Family & Lifestyle, Food & Beverage, Beauty & Fashion, Health & Wellness segment.

Nuren Group successfully leverages on the positive turn of the pandemic to create more award-winning opportunities for its clientele. Despite budget cuts by certain industries over the past year, some brands evolved in the way they reached out to audiences. proves to adapt to market demands by helping brands upscale the way they communicate with their audiences via engaging articles, e-commerce, video content, sponsorships, influencer marketing and event marketing (for both physical and virtual).

360° Marketing & Media Hub For All Things Women, Food And Family

Nuren Group reaches out to the public through various exciting avenues. With five main focus areas, packaged its content marketing, community marketing, e-commerce, ParentCraft workshops and Baby Fairs, into an integrated marketing services to its brands and advertisers.

Besides, another popular new media asset under Nuren Group is – the end-to-end influencer marketing platform with a huge base of mum influencers, ranging from nano up to macro influencers which include popular names and faces of celebrity mums across Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

Proud Achievements In 2020

Last year was a successful year for the Nuren Group. The following are some of their peaks:

Sustagen – #SustaMyBestChoice campaign garnered millions in impressions via Motherhood display ads, video advertising, articles, social media and contest, within a two-month duration. The brand challenge was to address children’s picky eating habits faced by mums in Malaysia and how Sustagen could come into play. Through video, captured truly authentic mother-child every day situations at meal time. showcased the ‘fun’ and lighter side of Sustagen, using a fun family challenge.

Nestle – Nestle Malaysia launched their Official Brand Page at, where this feature hosted a series of promotions, digital ads and internal campaigns for Nestle Start Well 2gether. Together with KOL campaigns, it garnered high visibility to millions of mums throughout the year.

Naturel, Captain Oats, Rasa Sifu – During Ramadan, a few cooking brands aimed to showcase the ideal healthy family lifestyle. The brands shared a series of healthy fun tips for families to do together via articles, display advertising, social media and influencer marketing via and

Fisher-Price – The campaign closed 2020 with impressive results via KOL marketing. The campaign highlighted how new parents could prepare better for their 1st 100 days journey via the official brand Page, e-commerce, articles, display advertising and contest. This campaign successfully level up brand awareness for the toy brand among mum communities.

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