Marketer of the Year in Loyalty & Engagement Marketing: Danny Hoh

Danny Hoh, Customer Director (and Sustainability Champion) of Watson’s Personal Care Stores Sdn Bhd., is an innovative, disruptive, and hands-on professional with a track record of success in the highly competitive consumer marketing sector making him an apt winner of the Gold in both the Marketer of the Year in Loyalty & Engagement Marketing and Marketer of the Year in Festive Communications Marketing categories at the Malaysian CMO Awards 2022.

He is now in charge of Watsons Malaysia’s branding, marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), and digital initiatives.

In addition to his current responsibilities as head of Watsons Malaysia’s Marketing, Digital, and CRM departments, he has also been tasked with heading up the company’s Sustainability Committee, whose mission is to advance Watsons Malaysia’s sustainability efforts across the four pillars of Community, Customer, People, and Planet.

Danny, a veteran of the business world with over 20 years under his belt, has been a key figure in Watsons Malaysia for the past decade.

When it comes to marketing, public relations, customer relationship management, digital marketing, e-commerce marketing, and the overall customer experience, he is always leading the charge.

To improve the shopping experience for customers both online and in stores, Danny and his team have been instrumental.

Danny insisted that his staff receive regular training in a wide range of areas, from media updates to personal development, so that they would always be prepared to compete in the marketing industry and have a keen eye for details.

Quarterly, Danny reviews prior marketing efforts with the media agency and media partners to make sure they were in line with current market trends and to keep an eye on what Watsons’ rivals are doing to and how they can improve their company strategy.

While Danny is constantly receptive to new ideas and eager to forge personal connections with his colleagues, he also places a premium on the happiness and success of his staff.

Since Danny is the head of the sustainability committee, in addition to his other responsibilities, he often delegates management of certain projects to other members of his team so that they may gain more experience and expertise.

For the sake of team empowerment, Danny encourages his employees to take any and all personal development courses they’re interested in, including those that provide the foundations for achieving professional and personal goals.

Danny encourages improved collaboration and interpersonal skills by encouraging people to form and sustain partnerships that allow them to perform at their best in a group context.

Since Watsons is itself a worldwide brand with international involvement and branches in other regions, Danny is not bashful about sharing the credit for his team’s successes and praising the efforts of his employees with the rest of the Watsons global team. Accordingly, his marketing staff has a very strong retention rate, with an average employee stay of four to five years.


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