Malaysia Milk responds to consumer’s feedback with a recall

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Marigold Milk

( – In response to consumer’s complaints, Malaysia Milk has recalled its Marigold HL milk with immediate effect.

The company used social media as a platform last Saturday (15th October) to share the news of its recall.

According to the statement by the company, 200 ML and 1 ML Marigold HL milk products expiring before Nov 7 for Peninsular Malaysia and before Nov 11 for the Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan markets are being recalled.

The move according to the company was “precautionary and voluntary”, as feedback received from its consumers was that the viscosity (‘thickness’) of its Marigold HL chocolate milk was higher than usual.

So far the brand has been fielding comments by consumers online and providing them with the accurate information on how they can get the replacement for their purchase.

The most ‘like-ed’ comment on the brand’s Facebook posting has been supportive of the move, Facebook user Pearly Goh shared:

“I think the company is bold enough to admit their mistake. Unlike some others. Milk is very sensitive. Sometimes I open the pack and didn’t consume within 2-3 days, the milk also turn sour. I think we just need to call the number given in the letter and see what the outcome is.”

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