Made In Future

made in future prashant kumar

By Tony Savarimuthu

Mike Tyson, when asked by a reporter whether he was worried about Evander Holyfield’s fight plan, answered: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Evander could not have foreseen his ear being bitten off by Iron Mike.

I loved this quote which Prashant uses aptly to describe the need for course correction in a marketing environment where user experiences act like feedback loops on steroids.

This book is not about the future. It is about the NOW .

Prashant does not pretend to be marketing’s answer to Nostradamus. He is a pragmatist rooted firmly in the marketing reality which is unraveling far quicker than expected.

He presents a compelling and absorbing case to live, plan and operate with a healthy cynicism of the pervasive and persuasive nature of the digital math you are confronted with from the omnipresent global giant platforms.

Made in Future expertly navigates you through the newfangled marketing algorithms with clear and concise diagrams and illustrations. These diagrams and illustrations cut through the business verbiage, and are immensely enlightening.

Both marketing students and seasoned practitioners will find them a precious gift – wrapped wonderfully with cogent explanations.

The writer skilfully navigates the marketing slaloms and speed bumps with due recognition of the S curve one will face with the disruptive nature of business cycles.

He draws on his considerable knowledge and experience to paint a kaleidoscope of realities and challenges for brands with highly relatable examples you either know of, experienced first hand or wished you had known more about.

Navigating the future is one of the greatest challenges our species faces.

We live in exciting times where the future is so uncertain, so malleable that brand owners and organisations are caught off-guard, breathless with just keeping up. Where operating at a meso-level constantly overtakes anything that is transformative because of the unpredictable nature of product life cycles. It’s no wonder that the career life-span of Marketing Directors is shortening year on year.

We human beings have yielded to our own complacencies and become self indulgent with our insatiable yearning for the next best thing.

Made in Future drops you in the midst of the action of digital transformation, enriched data and evolutionary technology searching for creative liberalism. A world where virtual avatars commune, connect, communicate and conduct commerce.

Prashant is a contemporary marketing yogi with a penchant for descriptive vocabulary. This lends a literary feel to the unforgiving, unrelenting, hard-edged discipline of marketing

The book will lead you to think, live, create in the present before you you can find fulfilment in the future. Whether you are a CEO, an MBA student, a brand-owner, an entrepreneur, a start-up founder, or, a marketing director caught in the rabbit hole of endless promotions and indistinctive creativity – Made in Future will be a welcome tonic to improve or revitalise your business.

I haven’t come across a business or marketing book recently which I enjoyed reading or learning from as much as Made in Future.

May you live all the days of your life.

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