Khazanah-backed GLC steals, undercuts small vendor’s idea for International Expo

A multi-billion subsidiary company of Khazanah Nasional Berhad has been alleged to have stolen and undercut a small vendor’s creative idea for an international exhibition.

Cenergi SEA Bhd, the renewable energy government-linked company at the centre of criticism, is said to have stolen a small design firm’s idea for the 2022 International Sustainable Energy Summit (ISES) currently held at Kuala Lumpur.

According to a Facebook post uploaded by Diana Chew Ee Chiezt last night, Cenergy SEA had unethically copied 95% of her design firm’s idea, before tendering the project to a different company to be implemented.

Diana who is the founder and Managing Director of Dxclusive Sdn Bhd explained that her company had went for a tender at Cenergi SEA in July, in view of the international exhibition currently held at the KLCC Convention Centre.

However, as it was a very rush project and Cenergi SEA had no idea on the budget and concept, her design firm decided to share some ideas to shorten the guessing time, she said.

“Due to time constrain, we worked overnight to give them the proposal within two days so that they can have time for discussion.”

Diana added that Cenergi SEA loved her design firm’s design, so procurement came for negotiations.

But due to tremendous price squeeze, her firm was unable to take the job.

“So we thought maybe next time, it is ok, not like we will always win a tender.”

But about a week later, her firm found out that the GLC had taken their design and asked another vendor to copy her design firm’s works.

The action triggered her, she said.

“How do we know they copied? When we compared the designs, the similarities are 95% because of dimensions, colours and even the poster mapping is the same as ours.”

Disappointed with the findings, she decided to contact Cenergi SEA, telling them what they are doing is very unethical.

“It is stealing other people’s work.”

But Cenergi SEA rejected the notion, to which she replied that all design rights belong to her firm, as stated clearly in the proposal and quotation.

“It is standard practice in the industry that for any creative job tendered, if you are not to work with the vendor that created the design, then you have no right to use their design or ideas.”

She demanded Cenergi SEA pay for the design rights, or alternatively change the design Cenergy SEA intends to use at the international exhibition.

Cenergi SEA then responded by noting that checks will be done with their legal team and a follow up would ensue.

But the follow up never materialised.

This led to Diana taking the time to visit the exhibition on Tuesday.

To her surprise, Cenergi SEA proceeded with the plagariased design with minor changes.

“My friends tell me there is nothing I can do, as Malaysia have no laws to protect creative design work.”

“And we are too small. And it will be too troublesome. And it will be too costly to sue big companies.”

Not giving up, Diana said that despite not being able to sue, she could expose such unethical practises.

“I feel so sorry for my team who worked so hard to create the outstanding design hoping that will help client standout in the exhibition but end up being robbed of their hardwork.”

“Cenergi SEA and Brainstormconcept, shame on you two!”

Towards the end, Diana said that she will post the design with the plagiarised design side by side to let the public decide.

At the time of writing, Diana’s post has been shared more than 2,000 times, with the vast majority expressing sympathy and support for her.

This article was first published on Malaysia Sentinel

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