Exclusive Insights: impact.com and Cube Asia Uncover the Latest Influencer Marketing Trends in Malaysia

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impact.com, the leading influencer and affiliate partnership management platform, has collaborated with Cube Asia, an e-commerce market intelligence company for Southeast Asia. Together, they have unveiled an in-depth research report in the region including the Malaysian market titled ‘The Power of Influence – E-commerce Influencer Marketing in Southeast Asia,’.

The report offers valuable insights into the intricate relationships among consumers, brands, influencers, and emerging digital trends within the nation.

In a thorough survey conducted nationwide involving 400 Malaysian adults aged 18 and above, a notable trend has surfaced. A substantial 59% of respondents admitted to being swayed by recommendations from mega influencers, those boasting more than 1 million followers, in their purchasing decisions.

Particularly noteworthy is the dominance of fashion and shoe products in this influence landscape, with an impressive 65% of participants favoring purchases in this category. Following closely, beauty products garnered significant attention at 62%, while groceries and food also held substantial interest, capturing the preferences of 41% of the surveyed individuals.

“Over the past few years, Southeast Asia has experienced a notable upswing in influencer marketing, triggering a transformative shift in the region’s marketing landscape. Projections suggest that the industry will surpass $2.59 billion by 2024. Particularly noteworthy is Malaysia’s anticipated ad spending in the Influencer Advertising market, expected to reach US$59.40 million this year.

This underscores the significant market size in Malaysia and emphasizes the importance for brands to glean valuable insights from this burgeoning sector.” said Antoine Gross, General Manager, Southeast Asia and India, impact.com. “

Our latest influencer report sheds light on a noteworthy shift in the digital preferences of Malaysian consumers. As we delve deeper into the intricate tapestry of consumer choices, we are eager to take the lead in navigating this continually evolving influencer landscape. Our commitment to delivering authentic, expertly curated content remains unwavering, seamlessly aligning with the evolving tastes of our discerning audience.”

Key takeaways from the respondents shared for brands looking to create (or expand) an influencer strategy include:

  • YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok stand out as the predominant social media and content platforms in Malaysia, with a collective popularity that surpasses other platforms. However, the overall usage across these platforms trails slightly behind the Southeast Asia average. Specifically, these platforms boast impressive individual user percentages, with YouTube at 84%, Facebook at 83%, and TikTok at 79%.
  • The influence wielded by influencers and celebrities in driving purchase decisions is notably less pronounced compared to neighbouring countries, standing at a modest 55%. Interestingly, within this landscape, it becomes evident that recommendations from mega influencers, those with follower counts exceeding one million, carry the most substantial weight. This nuanced dynamic highlights the unique nature of consumer behavior and the hierarchy of influence within the Malaysian market.
  • When it comes to steering purchasing decisions, the most impactful figures are predominantly local YouTubers and actors/actresses in Malaysia. Intriguingly, the influence spectrum also features global sensations, with Korean boy band EXO and girl group Blackpink securing positions within the top 10 list. This blend of local and international influencers signifies the diverse sources of influence that resonate with Malaysian consumers, showcasing a dynamic interplay between homegrown and global celebrities.

In addition to comprehensive surveys, the report includes a set of in-depth brand and influencer insights and interviews, all aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of how influencer marketing is evolving. The full research report, ‘The Power of Influence – E-commerce Influencer Marketing in Southeast Asia,’ can be found here.

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