eShoplive Asia sees massive leap in performance thanks to Nuffnang Live

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Livestreaming e-commerce platform eShoplive Asia has experienced an increase in its closing efficiency and business development as a result of its strategic partnership with Nuffnang Live, a subsidiary of ASX-listed Netccentric Limited.

“Technology is key to scaling your business and reducing hassle for both the business and customers alike,” says Jorvy Tan, founder and CEO of eShoplive Asia (left in above pic).

“Technology is the future; looking at the world now, everything is about technology. Even a brick-and-mortal shop requires an electronic point-of-sale system, so how can we not use end-to-end technology solutions when it comes to selling products online over the Internet?”

Tan notes that the time spent on manual processes would be better spent on building the business instead.

“Anything that can be solved and automated by technological infrastructure should be. Before we started working with Nuffnang Live, our transactions were 100% manually processed. 

“Our customer service personnel had to manually capture orders, check out links, verify payments – and customers had to manually transfer the payments as well. This involved a lot of manpower, as you can imagine,” he explains.

Tan tried to develop an automated online shopping system in-house in order to deliver more value to his customers in the shortest possible time. 

“We sought out a partner whose strength was in technology. That way, we could shorten the time for trial-and-error, maximise value for customers, and minimise cost as well.”

He also points out that businesses want to generate the greatest returns with the lowest costs possible.

“I had a very clear purpose and objective in mind when I started working with Nuffnang Live; I wanted to make our processes at least 60%-70% automated. Thanks to Nuffnang Live, we were able to digitise and automate almost 40% of our processes within the first 3 months. 

“Now, that’s nearly 70% automated – in certain months, up to 80% of payments done through our platform is fully-automated.”

Thanks to that, Tan says, his customer service personnel could focus on the customer journey and experience, and deliver better service.

“Nuffnang Live’s platform and system has empowered the business in very significant ways. 

“We are able to have our own branded and customised customer journey experience, distinct from all the other selling platforms out there that maybe don’t focus so much on creating value for their customers. For example, eShoplive Asia is able to build our own customer loyalty and membership programmes.

“The Nuffnang Live platform also has a very rich set of features. It is able to accommodate multi-merchant and multi-channel commerce, as well as help eShoplive Asia make better business decisions thanks to the real-time data, insights, and analytics that it provides.”

Aaliyah Soraya, General Manager at Nuffnang Live (right in pic), is pleased to see eShoplive’s business transformation. 

“By working with us, brands and businesses are able to better focus on growth and sales just as eShoplive Asia has demonstrated. 

“Our technology and platform is able to decrease manual work by up to 80%, providing a boost to efficiency and automation while allowing our enterprise clients the ability to manage their data and track their activities for better business analytics.”

For more information on how Nuffnang Live and eShoplive Asia’s strategic partnership has transformed its business, visit this YouTube page.

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