Emplifi launches ShopStream to bring power of Interactive Live Streaming to Live Commerce

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Emplifi, the leading unified customer experience (CX) platform, has recently launched Emplifi ShopStream by Go Instore, a one-to-many live shopping experience that helps brands reach unlimited audiences through interactive live video streaming. The release comes quickly after Emplifi’s acquisition of Go Instore and its innovative live video streaming portfolio in September 2021.

Emplifi’s expansion into live commerce builds on its strategy to help brands provide outstanding experiences across marketing, commerce and care touch points. With ShopStream, retail and direct-to-consumer brands can now enjoy connecting and converting consumers from browsing to buying through the power of both one-to-one and one-to-many livestream video.

Emplifi ShopStream enables brands to go live in a matter of minutes, using anything from a basic phone camera to professional camera equipment, an app for mobile or desktop, and Emplifi ShopStream tools. Brands can scale their live feed across their social channels and a website to launch new campaigns and products, amplify influencer events, or deliver immersive demo experiences.

With ShopStream, consumers can instantly participate in a livestream video and interact in a real-time chat with the host or advisor. They can also, at the click of a button, connect directly with a product expert for one-on-one personal guidance through Emplifi’s Live Advisor.

The combination of ShopStream and Live Advisor helps brands improve engagement and personalization through each step of an individual’s customer journey, resulting in faster consideration and purchase.

“Live streaming is exploding in popularity around the world and this makes live-streaming ‘shoppable,” said Andre Hordagoda, co-GM, Social Commerce, Emplifi. “With ShopStream, brands can harness the power of live streaming throughout the entire customer journey, from end-to-end. ShopStream is a key addition to Emplifi’s wider Social Commerce Cloud and can help companies maximize profits by increasing customer engagement and boosting sales.”

The use of live streaming to sell products is growing rapidly in Southeast Asia (SEA) which is home to about 64.2 million social shoppers. The region’s live commerce industry, while still in its infancy, is projected to be worth USD19 billion by 2023 – up from USD 6 billion in 2022.

Varun Sharma, Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan, Emplifi.

Varun Sharma, Vice President, APAC and Japan, Emplifi said, “Southeast Asian brands are increasingly embracing live streaming. From February to June 2020, total hours streamed on online marketplaces like ShopeeLive grew almost 200% in Singapore and Malaysia. In Singapore alone, Shopee saw live streams from brands and sellers increase by 40 times.”

“Live commerce offers direct, real-time and conversational connection with brands, as opposed to the stagnated experience of ecommerce. Data shows that live commerce drives eight times higher conversion rates than ecommerce4. With the launch of ShopStream, Emplifi enables businesses to curate interactive and engaging live shopping experiences for their customers,” Sharma added.

With ShopStream, brands can go live in minutes and scale across multiple channels in the following ways:

  • On Social Channels: Brands can push streams to all major social profiles, including TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.
  • In Shopping Journey: Go live to customers with relevant content while they’re shopping on the brand’s site in real-time.
  • Via Dedicated Event Pages: Easily schedule and promote special events from dedicated landing pages.

Live Advisor and ShopStream are available as part of Emplifi’s Unified CX Cloud. For more information, visit Emplfi’s ShopStream product page.

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