Entropia Noir highlights innovative digital solutions for under served communities

Entropia Noir, part of leading consultancy-meets-agency, Entropia Group, brought to life the ‘IoT for Good’ creative campaign for Axiata Group Berhad, one of Asia’s largest telecommunications groups.

The series of films is aimed at highlighting innovative digital solutions for an oft-overlooked demographic: underserved rural communities in Asia that remain disconnected from the rest of the world.

In collaboration with award-winning Film and TV Commercial production company, Directors Think Tank, Entropia Noir breathed life into these digital solutions and connected audiences across Asia with their shared humanity. Collectively, the four stories (all told in under three minutes each) have already amassed close to two million views on YouTube.

For the campaign’s creative execution, the team at Entropia Noir took a four-corner storytelling approach, focusing on different scenarios from communities in Nepal, Malaysia, and Indonesia, cutting across cultures with rich, relevant, and universal insights.

Invoking powerful emotions, the scenarios showcase edotco – sustainable telco towers that power up surrounding villages with excess electricity; Aspirasi – an app that provides micro-lending solutions for small business merchants; desaMall – an e-commerce platform linking rural sellers with urban audiences; and Hajj Tracker – an app that tracks loved ones performing the Hajj pilgrimage.

desa mall
Haji Tracker

Zaheer Kaisar, Creative Director at Entropia Noir said, “Instead of focusing on the technical aspects of these innovations, the team tapped into the stories of universal human struggles, such as a father’s urgent need to provide the best care for his child, an elderly craftsman who feels left behind by a world in progress, a young vendor’s quest to differentiate himself from the rest, and a mother-daughter duo’s desperate attempt to remain connected. We wanted to show the powerful and positive impact of these solutions on our characters and their communities, so each solution was presented in a tender, heart-warming and inspiring micro-story that audiences can connect with emotionally.”

April Toh, Head of Account Management at Entropia, said: “We enjoyed telling technological achievements through human stories. By injecting some warmth into smart solutions, this series captures the brand’s approach to advancing technology for communities.”

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