Top 10 Merdeka Ads 2019 -Celcom Axiata’s Merdeka TVC is ranked No.1

It’s official! Our readers have spoken. The 2019 Merdeka TVC from Celcom Axiata has secured the top spot in after we calculated the votes from our online poll.

Congratulations to the whole team at Axiata and Celcom for this magnificent achievement! Here is the Top 10 list in all its glory.

This year’s MARKETING’s online survey is based on 364 respondents from the industry who are our readers at large.


1. Celcom Axiata

Axiata & Celcom advance the spirit of independence through technology this National Day. Inspired by true events in 1957, Axiata and Celcom’s 2019 National Day film titled Getaran Pertama chronicles the search for the first choir to sing the national anthem of the soon-to-be independent Malaya.

We follow the adventure of Ahmad Merican, the Music Supervisor of Radio Malaya and his good friend, music teacher and conductor, Tony Fonseka as they take on the task to fulfill Tunku Abdul Rahman’s wish of seeing everyday Malayans – regardless of race, creed and background – uniting as one voice to herald the birth of our new nation.

The heartwarming film will be followed by a special encore performance of “Negaraku”, conducted by the late Tony Fonseka. A feat made possible through deep learning modules that analysed pictures of the conductor, which were then used to map out his facial features in order to render a true-to-life virtual likeness via mixed reality technology.

Partnering with creative agency M&C Saatchi, Axiata and Celcom embarked on a journey to uncover one of the lesser known stories (albeit one of the most inspiring) behind our national anthem.

The tale surrounding the first choir to sing “Negaraku” is brought to life with the help of both the Merican and Fonseka families. First-hand accounts about the choir were gained through interviews and personal anecdotes shared by Tan Sri Ahmad Merican as well as the sons and daughter of the late Tony Fonseka.

Treasured family photographs also served as inspirations, while historical locations like the Tunku Abdul Rahman Memorial became iconic settings that added to the richness of the story. Getaran Pertama is set to be Axiata and Celcom’s most iconic National Day film yet.

“I am heartened this short film that brings to light Malaysia’s spirit of unity resonated deeply with fellow Malaysians. As diverse as our country is in terms of our multiculturalism, Axiata too is stronger when we leverage on the power of diversity as our competitive advantage. In our Group, we have talents representing our varied ethnicities and races in Malaysia as well as employees from 38 nationalities across the globe serving alongside…whilst we may operate regionally as a business, at heart we will always be Malaysian and Axiata is grateful to celebrate the moment Malaysia found its voice, inspired by our Bapa Kemerdekaan together with Tan Sri Ahmad Merican and the late Tony Fonseka. Thank you to all who voted for Getaran Pertama!”, said Axiata Group Berhad’s President and Group Chief Executive Officer Tan Sri Jamaludin Ibrahim.

“We would like to thank all Malaysians who voted for ‘Getaran Pertama’ as the no. 1 Hari Kebangsaan TVC. It is such a great honour for our labour of love to the nation.  The TVC was made as a gift for Malaysians, with the utmost intention to remind us our unity in diversity  which has been this country’s underpinning foundation to success.

“It also strikes a close sentiment to Celcom that has been standing tall together in building our beloved nation for over 31 years. The core of our success has always been the diversity and dynamism of our people, resembling the country that has been uniquely and strongly built with people of different races and beliefs,” said Idham Nawawi, Chief Executive Officer of Celcom Axiata Berhad.

Getaran Pertama is set to be Axiata and Celcom’s most iconic National Day film yet. Watch the film and the choir’s encore performance on


Axiata Group Berhad & Celcom Axiata Berhad

Axiata Group

Head, Brand & Communications: Fernie Jasmine Abdul Ghani

Specialist, Brand & Communications: Sofia Abd. Aziz

Celcom Axiata

Head of Brand and Marketing: Ginny Phuah Guat Imm

Head of Corporate Brands: Wan Ridzuan Halawah

Advertising Associate: Farhana Yusoff


M&C Saatchi (M) Sdn Bhd

Executive Creative Director: Marzuki Maani 

Group Creative Director: Darren Lee

Creative Director: Mundzir Abdul Latif

Associate Creative Director: Low Pooi Yeng

Senior Copywriter: Leonard Leao

Senior Art Director: Adzam Bahrin

BM Copywriter: Yusman Rusdi

Executive Producer: Evelynn Tan

Senior Account Director: Nailul Ali

Associate Account Director: Lee Wei Nee

Senior Account Executive: Ryan Blaydes


Director : Rajay Singh

Producer / 1st AD : Tek Nam

DOP : Zainuddin Mohamad

Line Producer : De Shen

Production Designer : Budi Gareng

Art Department : Jared / Jesjinder / Calvin

Wardrobe : Darren Siew

Editor : Dave Singh

TC / Online : VHQ Post Malaysia


TwoAM Studio

Music : TwoAM Studio

Music Composer : Anton Morgan.

Sound Designer /Engineer : Leong Kit Kuan

Producer : Darna Arminuddin

2. RHB


FCB Kuala Lumpur’s latest film for RHB Bank dramatises a universal social issue by taking the audience into a colour-coded world, where a clear divide exists between the rich and the poor, the urban and the rural, the employers and the employees, and so on.

The first half of this film depicts a cold and sullen society marred by fear, uncertainty and distrust. Tension builds as groups of people wearing clothes of different colours find themselves in conflict situations.

The climax of this film arrives when one protagonist from each scenario takes the first progressive step by opening the door that had been keeping people apart.

This is when the colours of the clothes turn into white; the only element that had been separating the groups is now removed. With everyone wearing only one colour, the second half of the film naturally takes on a different tone.

The world suddenly becomes warmer, friendlier and closer, as every person now belongs on the same side – the side of progress.





Group Chief Marketing Officer: Abdul Sani Abdul Murad

Head, Group Brand Communications: Tunku Hazli Bin Tunku Tolha

Senior Manager, Digital Brand Management: Elaine Yap

Manager, Group Brand Communications: Anwar Amin

Project Name: See Beyond Colour

AGENCY: FCB Kuala Lumpur

Co-owner & Chief Executive Officer: Shaun Tay

Co-owner & Chief Creative Officer: Ong Shi Ping

Head of Account Management: Sharon Rodrigues

Creative Group Head: Tjer

Senior Art Director: James Voon

Copywriters: Megan Ong, Izham Fazely, Felice Puah

Senior Producer : Wira Chon


Executive Producer : Mohd Effendy bin Harjoh

Producer : Nor Syamimi binti Ali

Film Director: Rewan Ishak

Director of Photography : Koh Yong Beng

1st AD : Aaron Wong Kang Yong

Line Producer : Nurul Syazwani binti Ishak

Production Coordinator : Muhammad Hazwan bin Selamat

Location Manager : Jamaliah Ibrahim

Wardrobe Stylist : Chang Luk Long

Make Up Artist : Muhammad Syafiq bin Abdul Malik


Executive Producer : Ram Nabil Chia

Producer : Anand Shashidharan

Sound Engineers : Shaktyvel Neelamekan & Brian Wong

3. Petronas

PETRONAS launched its latest Webfilm ‘UNI’ together with Malaysians counting down the upcoming National and Malaysia Day celebrations at PETRONAS’ 45th Anniversary Celebration concert at The Plaza, PETRONAS Twin Towers, KLCC.  

The Webfilm screened live at the event,  is about life in a university campus that represents a  ‘mini Malaysia’,  with different races, languages and values, which also reflects PETRONAS’ Anugerah Kita festive theme for 2019, about the abundance of blessings that have been bestowed on us. 

‘UNI’ tells the story of two young men entering university life – the shy Roger Junior Buang from Sabah and the more outgoing Rizwan from Kedah. Roger struggles to adjust to university life, and that makes him an easy target for bullying by Rizwan. 

Roger and Rizwan are paired together for an assignment but decided to work separately instead. A stern reminder from their lecturer ensued,  leaving them no choice but to stay back over their semester break and complete the assignment, developing their camaraderie and respect for each other in the process. 

PETRONAS Senior General Manager of Group Strategic Communications, Zahariah (Liza) Abdul Rahman said: “The web film explores our colourful dynamics as a multicultural society and how at times, it seems like our differences appear to overwhelm us. Yet, at the end of the day, it is those differences that actually bring us closer together. UNI brings out those uniquely Malaysian traits that unite us – understanding and acceptance.  

The launch of the Webfilm coincides with PETRONAS’ 45th Anniversary celebration, themed #BersamaMerentasZaman and #OurTimeTogether. The concert today features Malaysia’s top 45 artists over the past four decades including Amy Search, Ella, Jaclyn Victor, M Nasir, Ruffedge and others. 

Malaysians are also invited to experience PETRONAS’ first Time Travel Truck for a time capsule adventure through an immersive video experience of the Company’s milestones since its inception in 1974.   The truck will be travelling to 22 different locations across 10 states until 14 September 2019. Visitors stand a chance to receive limited edition anniversary enamel pins when they participate in activities at the truck.  

PETRONAS is also showcasing the ‘Tree of Tales’ – a digital LED screen installation at Suria KLCC, that tells the story of #OurTimeTogether from 1974 to the envisioned future, from 17-23 August 2019. 

The National & Malaysia Day Webfilm can be viewed on PETRONAS’ official YouTube channel, and to find out more about PETRONAS’ 45th-anniversary celebration, visit

CLIENT: Petroliam Nasional Berhad

Head, Group Strategic Communications: Zahariah (Liza) Bt A Rahman

Head, Communications Management, Group Strategic Communications: Khairul Hisham B Hj Mazlan

Head, Creative, Content & Event Strategy, Communications Management: Azura Hashim Kamal

Head, Communications Planning, Communications Management: Amy Abrizah Bt Ab Aziz

Project Name: UNI

AGENCY: IPG Mediabrands Sdn Bhd

Executive Creative Director: Chan Woei Hern 

Creative Director: Didi Pirinyuang

Creative Group Head: Adzzim Rosli

Copywriter: Adora Roslan

Art Director: Fatin Nabilah Binti Harun

Art Director: Nicholas Lee

BM Copywriter: Marlina Padzil

Executive Producer: Loreen Lim

Producer: Mike Chong

Group Business Director: Mohd Shukri Jai

Associate Brand Director : Victoria Kovalan

Brand Executive: Moses Wee

PRODUCTION HOUSE: Reservoir World Sdn Bhd

Executive Producer : Ryan Khoo

Producer : Sabrina Wong

Film Director: Ismail Kamarul

Director of Photography : Eric Yeong

1st AD : Shane Nunis

Line Producer : Nick Woon

Production Coordinator : Mei Ai, Yen Han, Dixon Yoong, Kale Lau and Sandra Cheah

Wardrobe Stylist : Darren Siew

Make Up Artist :  Yuki Ng


Sound Engineers : Edwin Sew

4. Grab Malaysia

If there’s one thing that unites Malaysians, it’s our unmatched love and passion for all things yummy and delicious. Although we may still disagree and argue over which nasi lemak is the best in town or what type of durian is the best, it’s undeniable that we Malaysians never discriminate good food.

As such, Iris Chang, Grab Malaysia’s Country Head of Marketing shared that this year Grab is choosing to demonstrate their patriotic pride by celebrating what truly makes Malaysia unique; that is the colourful and flavourful palate of Malaysians. “As Malaysia’s homegrown everyday app, this year, Grab is celebrating Malaysia Day by uniting all Malaysians with the theme #MakanMakanMalaysia, by making it even more convenient for us to satisfy our insatiable Malaysian appetites.

Kicking off the #MakanMakanMalaysia feast is Grab’s Malaysia Day video, appropriately named, ‘Explore the taste of Malaysia’. The video showcases the beauty of Malaysia through every Malaysians favourite pastime; bonding at the mamak stall over a table dressed with an array of signature Malaysian cuisine. The short video explores the breathtaking landscape of our Malaysia yummies through a very different touristic lense of our Malaysian appetite.

Feast your eyes (and stomach) on Grab Malaysia’s ‘Explore the Taste of Malaysia’ video!


Project Name: Grab Merdeka – #MakanMakanMalaysia

AGENCY:  Fishermen Integrated

Group Client Services Director: Joyce Gan

Senior Account Executive: Sarah Koh

Executive Creative Director: Adam Miranda, Andrew Tan

Associate Creative Director: Mo Nazmi Ahmad

Illustrator: Chan Wai

Copywriters: Asyraf Arshad, Chak Mohamed, Debbie Goh, Alyafarah binti Zainudin

Art Directors: Carmen Lee, Cheng Chin Mian

Producer: Andrew Tan


Executive Producer: Kenneth Lim

Film Director: Lobak Loon

Director of Photography: South Ong

1st AD: Melissa Lim

Producer: Kit

Production Coordinator: Musa

Location Manager: N/A

Wardrobe Stylist: Wardrobe Room

Make Up Artist: Sophia Ang


Executive Producer: Clinton Liew

Sound Engineers: YY


Country Marketing Head: Iris Chang

Senior Marketing Manager: Li Ping Ko

Head of Creative: Sen Kiat Wong

Brand and Marcomms Manager: Nadiah Nazri

5. Boost

What truly defines us as Malaysians? Homegrown e-wallet Boost explores this very question in their Hari Kebangsaan short film titled ‘Boost My Malaysia’ this year.

The story follows a young-spirited-curious teenage boy, Ridzuan who is given an essay homework assignment titled ‘My Malaysia’.

What started out as a simple homework has now turned into something far greater in experience as he soon encounters and selflessly helps out every day Malaysians from all walks of life on his way back home from school.

As the short film progresses, Ridzuan begins to connect with and understand the people he meets, and by helping, he slowly gains a better perspective on what an ideal Malaysia would be.

Whether it may be a cleaner Malaysia for everyday Malaysians, a healthier Malaysia for the younger generation, a fairer Malaysia for all businesses to thrive, or a more progressive Malaysia that is technologically savvy, Ridzuan still felt something was missing.

At the core of the film, Ridzuan learns that the most important trait that binds it all for an ideal Malaysia was always in him, kindness. No matter how much we’ve accomplished as a country, we will never progress further if we do not help and Boost one another.

Through this short film, Boost ventured on a journey of asking its followers their hopes and dreams for a Boosted Malaysia which will be collated and shared on Malaysia Day.

Mohd Khairil Abdullah, CEO of Axiata Digital Services, parent company of Boost shared, “Being a homegrown brand has always been our strongest pride.

We believe in pioneering and enabling both change and progress in Malaysia to improve the lives of fellow Malaysians. The ‘Boost My Malaysia’ short film captured a refreshing perspective of a kid – innocent and pure – of what an ideal Malaysia would be and how just a little change in mindset and perspective can help us achieve our aspirations.

Just like the adoption of e-wallets, we were surprised by what ‘change’ and ‘progress’ we can do and achieve just by opening our minds and be willing to embrace newer things.

Most importantly, this short film not only encapsulates the Boost spirit for a better Malaysia but has inspired a series of upcoming activities that give Boost users the opportunities to help fellow Malaysians to collectively build a kinder, cleaner, healthier, fairer and progressive nation.

We also would like to thank everyone who voted for ‘Boost My Malaysia’, we are truly honored to be listed among our fellow Malaysians”.

You can watch the full video of ‘Boost My Malaysia’ here, enjoy.





Ungku Norliza Syazwan Ungku Halmie, Director of Product & Marketing

Amalina Nadiah Affendi, Marketing Lead

Salihah Nadiah Mohd Noh, Digital Marketing Lead

Cheah May Belle, Marketing Retention Lead

Agency & Production House: Creative Lions Asia

Executive Creative Director: Sasi The Don

Director: Soo Wei Wen

Producer: Nicholas Chin

Script: Soo Wei Wen

DOP: Nicholas Chin

Editor: Wong Shang Shen

Art Director: Benedict Lazaroo

Stylist: Yang Azliyang Binti Mohd Yunus

Wardrobe: Angie Zhi

6. BFM

In less than two weeks, more than 65 of Malaysia’s leading brands have come forward to join thousands of Malaysians in support of the #BersatuForMakan (Unite for Food) campaign and sign the petition started by BFM 89.9 and independent advertising agency Fishermen.

The petition – calling for the inclusion of Malaysia in Netflix’s documentary series Street Food, has garnered more than 19,000 signatures to date, since it was launched on 23 August 2019.

The idea for the campaign and video was conceptualised by Fishermen Integrated as a response to Malaysia being left out of the documentary, despite being renowned for our food. To convince Netflix to feature an episode on Malaysia, Fishermen and BFM are producing a self-funded 30-minute video.

In support of the campaign and video production, Malaysia Airlines has stepped forward as the flight sponsor, with Tune Hotels participating as the accommodation sponsor, while many passionate Malaysians have also chipped in for the project.

The video is made to match the style of the Street Food series, and features local street food businesses and their stories, celebrating them as guardians of the national heritage that is Malaysia’s food. The video will be available for viewing via YouTube on 16 September 2019 – and a special viewing session is also being planned.


Project Name: Bersatu For Makan

AGENCY: Fishermen Integrated Sdn Bhd.

Group Client Services Director: Joyce Gan

ManagingDirector: Mark Darren Lee

Executive Creative Directors: Adam Miranda, Andrew Tan

Associate Creative Director: Mo Nazmi Ahmad

Account Executive: Tan Lih Wern

Head of Social: Chong Wei Ling

Art Directors: Carmen Lee, Cheng Chin Mian

Copywriters: Alyafarah Zainudin, Debbie Goh, Asyraf Arshad, Nicklaus Chua

Film Director: Kimberly Hii

Editor: Kimberly Hii

Prop Masters: Carmen Lee, Cheng Chin Mian, Alyafarah Zainudin, Tan Lih Wern, Alvin Wee

Food Stylists: Carmen Lee, Cheng Chin Mian, Alyafarah Zainudin, Tan Lih Wern, Alvin Wee

Producers: Andrew Tan, Kimberly Hii

Head of Analytics: David Alan Bates

Web Developer: Jasper Yong

UX Designer: Angela Low

PRODUCTION HOUSE: Thirtygrid Production

Director of Photography: Daniel Renu

Camera Assistant: Kelvin Loh

Production Assistant: Syed Aadlie

Gaffer: Yong Wai Kin

Sound Recordist: Karyn Tan

Makeup Artist: Cindy Hor


General Manager: Meera Sivasothy

Head, Digital & New Media: Ezra Zaid

Head, Radio Programming: Caroline Oh

Head, Sponsorship & Campaign Development: Sonya Chee Sook Fern

Head, Events & Community: Lau Shu Ling

Head, Sales Operations: Lydia Chin

Project Manager: Olivia Siow

Web Developer: Najman Maliki

Video Producers: Bahir Yeusuff, Rahmah Pauzi

Digital Marketers: Ariff Roose, Mae Vonne Lim

Radio Producers: Kelvin Yee, Jeff Sandhu, Muhammad Haniff Baharudin

Audio Engineer: Lawrence Graha


SPONSORING PARTNERS: Malaysia Airlines Berhad, Tune Hotels

Public Relations Partner: Rantau Golin


70 Malaysian brands

20,000 Malaysians

7. AirAsia & Milo Malaysia (shared same place)

In conjunction with the upcoming National Day and Malaysia Day, AirAsia has launched a thematic campaign “Your Journey, Our Passion” to celebrate Malaysian unity.

Rooted in AirAsia’s culture of putting people first, the 360-degree campaign will leverage on broadcast, digital, print and out-of-home platforms.

The campaign kicked off yesterday with the launch of AirAsia’s National Day and Malaysia Day tribute, “Hidup Bersama”. Narrated by the Prime Minister of Malaysia YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad and novelist and poet Dato Sri A Samad Said, the video depicts the everyday lives of Malaysians from all walks of life striving together for a better future. AirAsia Malaysia CEO Riad Asmat said, “Malaysia’s strength has always been its people and its diversity.

This year, we wanted to showcase this diversity as a reminder that our strength is because of, and not in spite of, our differences. In that sense, AirAsia is like a microcosm of Malaysia, a place where Allstars of all races, religions and backgrounds have a hand in making us what we are today.”

Title: Hidup Bersama

Client: AirAsia Berhad

Group Head of Branding: Rudy Khaw

Head of Brand Marketing: Trudy Au

Senior Brand Executive: Razak Salim

Creative Director: Prem Kumar

Associate Creative Director: Paul Phang

Art Director: Jen Sern

Designer: Zara Suhaimee

Head of Copy: Alisha Shaharuddin

Copywriter: Ariff Yusof

Producer: Mun Yee Lai

Production House: Reservoir World

Director: Hadi Hamid

Executive Producer: Ryan Khoo

Producer: Tang Sze Kay

DOP: Thng Wai Fong

Editor: Willie Ong

Online/Graphic: Dixon Yoong

Composer: Raof 


Reprise, IPG Mediabrands’ full-service integrated communications agency has crafted an inspirational and nostalgic video with well-loved brand MILO this Merdeka and Malaysia Day.

To reinvigorate the Malaysian spirit and rally the nation together, the video showcases some of the most historical and empowering occasions witnessed as a nation.

The video titled ‘Seiring Mencipta Kejayaan, Bersama Kita Raikan’ (translated to mean ‘Creating and celebrating our successes together’) brings to life the big and little moments shared with MILO over the years.

Amir Faiz, Group Creative Director of Reprise said, “The essence of this video is about bringing Malaysians together through defining moments and highlighting the journey we have had with the brand since independence.

MILO’s core brand purpose is about nourishing ambitions, and we wanted to tie these sentiments into a video that celebrates the achievements we have made as a nation.

The messages encapsulated demonstrate that despite our inherent differences, we are capable in reaching great heights through unity, belief and collaboration.”

The video reflects on our journey as Malaysians, with clips of Independence Day, the union of East Malaysia, and defining sporting moments including the Thomas Cup, MSSM (the Malaysia Schools Sports Council) and SEA Games.


Project Name: MILO Merdeka


Group Managing Director: Darren Yuen

Managing Director: Stanley Clement

Group Business Director: Yippie Yip

Digital Manager: Hoe Hui Ting

Digital Executive: April Chen

Group Creative Director: Amir Faiz

Creative Group Head: Indra Irwan & Woon Szu Jin

Senior Designer: Tay Jia Yun

Copywriter: Muhd Asraf

Head of Production: Denis Gonsalvez

Illustrator: Charukphong Ong

Production House : Passion Plus Sdn Bhd

Film Director : Saiful Shah

Executive Producer: Aaron Lau

Producer : Stella / Kwek

DOP : Saiful Shah

Post Production House : TentoSeven Creative

Producer : Vikster

Graphics : Zeph

Offline Editor : Vikster

Online Editor : Zeph

Audio Hse: Real Time Studio

Producer : Evelyn/ Jen

Sound Engineer : Rodney


Business Executive Officer: Kumaran Nowuram

Consumer Marketing Manager: Raja Nurmaria Murni

Assistant Brand Manager: Jasmine Lim

8. Digi

Meet Sunny, Head Coach of the National Blind Football Team. An inspiring man, he proudly leads an amazing bunch of footballers who, in spite of not having sight, are playing the beautiful game and playing it better than many of us.

He introduces us to his boys and one can feel his pride and fatherly love towards them as he does.

Film Director Barney Chua asks them, “If there is one game you would like to watch, what would it be?”

“The 1980 Olympic qualifying game, where Malaysia beat Korea 2-1!” They know the game by heart. Now it’s time to see it. And that’s where Footbraille comes in.

“We’ve always been dreaming of ideas for brands that go beyond marketing, and have an impact on society. We don’t always succeed, but we try”, said Alvin Teoh, ECD of Naga DDB Tribal.

“Whether in the form of a film, a project, through technology, or a mash-up of everything, the aim is to harness the power of ideas and creativity to create something that people will care about. And to think that this idea happened over a random conversation at a mamak stalls is just so surreal,” he adds.

Soon, everyone on this project will get to witness that special moment when three members of the National Blind Football team experience that 1980 game like never before.

Coach Sunny leads them to their seats. They get a feel of the device set before them.

Then as Coach Sunny narrates the game to the video that is played, the three footballers feel the ‘ball’ moving across the ‘field’ beneath their fingers. That’s how Footbraille works.

The movement of the ball is pre-tracked and fed to a tablet that controls the ‘ball’ in real time on the little patch of green beneath their hands. This way, the blind get to experience a recorded football match, and soon, even a live one.

We had the honour of witnessing the above experience firsthand, sitting quietly at the side and watching them express frustration at a foul, and laughing and cheering at a goal. It was pretty moving.

This project would not come to be without the collaborative spirit and dedication of many people. From Barney of Mojo Films who helped birth the idea with us over food (it can’t get more Malaysian than that), to Ang of Expedio Designs, a key player in all things tech, and of course to the peeps at Digi, whose involvement, support and advice guided the project to where it is today.

“In Digi, we constantly look for new ways that technology can help connect people to what truly matters to them and help build meaningful connections. And with this breakthrough technology, all Malaysians should have equal opportunity to benefit from the power of internet and technology”, said Bernard Lee, Digi’s Head of Marketing Services.

So, the first phase of Footbraille has passed and we have witnessed the impact of the beautiful game on both the visually impaired as well as those who still possess the gift of sight. From this we realise that there is great potential here.

“Football is a great unifier,” said Barney Chua, “Those who had experienced the euphoria back then are keen to share that feeling and experience with other football fans, even those who weren’t born back then, and those who don’t have the ability to a game live. Thanks to the technology that we have today, we managed to make that wish come true. And by doing so, prove that football and tech can come together to make a nation stronger”, he adds.

“Did we just make history? We would like to think so. This is only the beginning. The next phase would involve a live match. Here, and perhaps far beyond our borders. One can dream right? If a mamak-food inspired idea can get to this spot, it can go far.” Alvin added.



Head of Marketing Services : Bernard Lee

Head of Marcomm : Lo Wei Tzen

Associate Principal : Mak Wae Lern

Project Name: Footbraille

Agency: Naga DDB Tribal

Executive Creative Director : Alvin Teoh

Deputy Executive Creative Director : Paul Lim

Associate Creative Director : Ellison Fernandez

Creative Group Head : Shireen Ang

Copywriter : Audrey Wong & Izzul Iqram

Art Director : Yeo Lee Kee

Business Unit Head : Kevin Teh

Associate Brand Director : Ong Ee May

Project Manager : Elizabeth Anita

AV Producer : Stephanie Ooi

Production Team

Film Director : Barney Chua

Assistant Director : Zekry Mazlan

Director of Photography : Jeerasak Intasa

Producer : Stephanie Ng Yu Lin

Post Production : Mecanicca EFX Post

Audio Production : Teoh Eng Hooi

Editor : Faiz Izal

Technical Director : Ang Tee Chian from Expedio Design

9. Maxis

This National Day, Maxis is celebrating the diversity of all Malaysians with its #100peratusMalaysia campaign in collaboration with eclectic Malaysian personalities. 

To tell this story, Maxis has launched a short film depicting these Malaysian personalities who were taken through a journey of self-discovery. Leveraging the power of technology, they dug deeper into their identities through DNA testing.

Despite results showing that they had a link to various geographical locations around the world, there was one compelling truth – they are all #100peratusMalaysia.

“The premise of our National Day campaign was using technology to not only understand our unique differences in a new light, but also acknowledge that our diversity is what makes us stronger and enables us to achieve great things.

“The more we know ourselves, the more we realise that our differences tell the story of who we are as Malaysians.

At the end of the day, our love for Malaysia, our homeland, is what unites us, and we hope that this campaign will raise the spirits of Malaysians everywhere,” said Tai Kam Leong, Maxis’ Head of Brand and Marketing.

Client: Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd

Head of Brand & Marketing: Tai Kam Leong

Marketing Communications: Benjamin Woo, Nabil Fauzy & Sailendra Kaliapin

Digital Marketing & Web: Chong Wai Mun, Rebekah Lee

Media & Budget: Lee San San

Agency: Leo Burnett

Chief Creative Officer: Abraham Varughese

Executive Creative Director: Emir Shafri

CD: Walter Teoh

Creative Group Head: Kimberley Yap

AD: Chan Sze Mei

Writer: Idzwan Johar/ Firdaus Kamaluddin

Designer: Amirra Abdul Razak

Head of AV & Digital Content : Jennifer Hendroff

Producer: Alyya Afandi

Brand Director: Jennifer Liew

Production House: Directors Think Tank

Director: Maurice Noone

EP: Pat Singh

Producer: Deshen Heng

DOP: Eric Yong

2nd Unit : Sharul Nizam

Editor: Affandi Jamaludin

Post: APV / 21 HUB

Audio House: TwoAM Music Studios

Social Media Agency: GrowthOps Asia

Digital Agency: Kingdom Digital

SEO Agency: SearchGuru

10. Prime Minister’s Office


This video captures the spirit of Merdeka when a chat unfolds between the Prime Minister and some young Malaysians he meets. Tun Mahathir reminds us of the need to appreciate and celebrate our freedom, for it is hard won. He shares his thoughts on matters related to freedom and nationhood and emphasizes that it all leads to self-determination of the nation’s future, their future. His interaction with the youth is an effective passing of the torch – that it is time for all Malaysians to come together, united so we can work as one and obtain the future that we all deserve.

This Merdeka video too presents the classic Tun. In a relaxed environment he provides first a quick, witty answer “makan sikit jer” to the question if he has had breakfast, and a more detailed reflection of Merdeka memories and his vision of a united future. An “emotional” end to the video sees our Prime Minister walking away from the teenagers. It is all too obvious that he is returning to the tasks he has to shoulder for now and triggers the audience to reflect too.


Project Manager: Abdul Muhaimin Mohd Muhayedin, Sufi Yusni Yusof

Deputy Head of Corporate Communications: Julina binti Johan

Corporate Communications Execs: Azwarni Herni Che Noh, Rashila Ab Rasid

Project Name: Wawasan Kemakmuran Merdeka


MD/Senior Consultant: Jaffri Amin Osman

Communication Manager: Saidahtul Fadhillah Abdullah

PR Manager: Syed Azhar Syed Azizuddin

AV Director: Muhammad Nur Ismail

Creative Director: Shahrul Izhar Ahmad Safian

Art Director: Khairuddin Mohamed

Senior Designer: Gan Soon Bing

Photographer: Tajudin Mohamed


Film Director: Adnan Mohd Salleh, Ashwin Thomas

Producer: Jaya Kumar Thevarajah

Director of Photography: Muhamad Ridhwan Ibrahim

Assistant Cameraman: Saiful Amri Wahid, Adam Adnan

Production Manager /Casting: Tengku Evette Ezureen

Line Producer / Location Manager: Azil Adzlee Ali

Soundman: Muhammad Azli Alieas

Production: Armin Iliyas Shafri

Key Grip: Ruddy Armizal Othman

Make Up Artist: Lee Lik Chui

Production Runner: Mohd Fauzi Mohd Rashid

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