‘Dump Your Ex’ for the next best journey with Firefly

Feeling tempted to get back in contact with your ex? Don’t!

Firefly Airlines is here to “bail” you out from your uncertain “relationship” with its latest crazy campaign Dump Your Ex with a 50% discount.

Having started the campaign on 2 July and supposedly to end on 7 July, Firefly has now extended the campaign for another 3 days till 10 July due to all the hype created by social media viral, media pick-ups and market conversations that revolves within the name “ex”.

The campaign highly benefits 2 segments of passengers; not flown with Firefly for the last 6 months (prior to 1 July) and those who have booked one-way with other airlines – tracking is within 6 months (prior to 1 July).

The airline has planned out a straight forward mechanism for passengers to enjoy the 50% OFF on return tickets. Here’s how you can get 50% OFF on your next flight with Firefly: 

[Return Flight]
1) Booked, paid and flew two-way/return (Firefly Domestic Routes) with other airlines within the last 6 months.
2) Show us proof at http://bit.ly/DumpYourEx. State your name, details and answer a question.
3) Book your next two-way/return flight with Firefly and get 50% OFF on your returning flight (one way).


[One Way]
1) Booked and paid for one-way (Firefly Domestic Routes) with other airlines. 
2) Show us proof at http://bit.ly/DumpYourEx. State your name, details and answer a question.
3) Book your returning flight with Firefly (one way) at 50% OFF.

Firefly Airlines Marketing & Communications Vice-President, Izra Izzuddin is a strong believer that differentiation is key in any competitive businesses or industry and every brand no matter what the product is, needs to stand out by creating buzz and noise.

Staying true to her belief, she ensures Firefly has one or two crazy campaigns every year on top of the on-going initiatives under its yearly direction.

It has been identified that the airlines primary segment is those who are 25-35 years of age.

This means most of its fans are young, vibrant and energetic people who like something catchy, crazy, current and relevant.

The witty Marketing & Communications team came up with this cheeky idea in a short frame of time that they planned it over the weekend, finalized the mechanisms and rolled out the entire campaign a few days after every part of it was firmed-up.

Firefly is confident that this campaign will act as the main highlight for its target audience to recall for this year because of the word “Ex”.

“Firefly is perceived as a corporate airline that flies business people and executives. Yes, we are a premium, value for money airline.  But why stop at that point? An airline is still an airline. We fly everybody”, shared Izra.

“What I mean here is that it doesn’t have to be the business itself, so long people talk about it when you give them an interesting topic. At the end of the day, it is the campaign that they will remember. That’s our point.”

“As for those who had actually tried this when they first thought it was just a gimmick, they have gotten their new tickets with Firefly and of course shared the great news to those who were in doubt. And guess what? They submitted and got theirs too. So, we are for real!

In line with our 2019’s direction, Discovery, why don’t you “dump” your unhealthy relationship and discover a healthy, long-term relationship with us. “Discover new love, discover Firefly!” said Izra with a huge smile across her face.

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