Dragon-Slayer Nadeswaran not allowed near APPIES 2024

Popular columnist R. Nadeswaran (aka Citizen Nades) is merciless in his style of investigative journalism.

He looks as dangerous as his brutal exposés. The threatening look in his red-hot eyes will chill you to the bone.

But however much we love or loathe him, for his scoops, he’s been barred from our event.

Because our policy is that only marketing leaders are allowed to judge The APPIES.

Nades, whose pen is mightier than any dragon’s flame, won’t be grilling the presenters at The APPIES.

We’d rather stick to our current crop of highly competent judges for The APPIES Festival on July 11 & 12, 2024.

Festival of Exposés: Stories behind great marketing campaigns

While we’ve kept Nades’ investigative gaze at bay, our marketer-judges have stepped up their game.

At The APPIES, they are seeking marketing brilliance that doesn’t dim under the harsh glare of scrutiny.

This is where mediocrity perishes and excellence finds a home where the exacting standards are applied.

Who Benefits?

PRESENTERS: Gain unparalleled exposure and feedback from industry giants. If you can impress them, you can impress anyone.

AUDIENCE: Shuttle between presentation halls and learn from Malaysia’s leading marketing strategists. It’s like speed dating, but for brilliant ideas and learnings.

JUDGES: Engage directly with campaign creators and assess real-world marketing solutions. And soak in the practical learnings.

Festival Doors Open

From Best in Non-Food FMCG to Best in Financial Services, and from Best in Govt/NGO to Best in AI, and more…

Each has a chance to prove that their marketing is more than just a flash in the pan – it’s the real deal.

Join us for two days of marketing brilliance that will impress even the most cynical journalist or judge.

Don’t miss this chance to prove your campaigns are the success stories even Citizen Nades will applaud.

If we let him in, that is.

Announcement of Finalists: 5th July 2024.

APPIES FESTIVAL – Judging & Presentations: 11- 12 July, 2024.

Registrations for The APPIES FESTIVAL can be made here.

Event Website: https://appies.com.my


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