Bomohs banned from casting spells at APPIES 2024

We will confiscate all magic wands at the door.

Your marketing magic has to work without supernatural aid.

The APPIES Malaysia Awards 2024 is seeking marketing miracles that work in the real world, no mystical intervention permitted.

Crafting Campaigns That Actually Work

Leave the love potions and lucky charms at home.

Can your strategy and campaign charm the audience and deliver results without resorting to the dark arts?

Nothing Spooky About The Process 

No Crystal Balls Allowed.

Work your magic into a four-minute creative reel and a five-minute oral presentation.

Then, prove it’s not just smoke and mirrors as you field questions from our expert panel of marketer-judges.

The real magic here is creative excellence and solid results.

Who Benefits?

PRESENTERS: Gain unparalleled exposure and feedback from industry giants. If you can impress them, you can impress anyone.

AUDIENCE: Shuttle between presentation halls and learn from Malaysia’s leading marketing strategists. It’s like speed dating, but for brilliant ideas and learnings.

JUDGES: Engage directly with campaign creators and assess real-world marketing solutions.

Festival Doors are Open 

Compete across 21 categories and six Best of Best categories.

From Best in Fast Dining to Best in Sustainability, and from Best in FMCG (F&B) to Best in Healthcare, and more…

Remember, while a little luck never hurts, it’s your campaign’s measurable success that will truly enchant our judges.

We don’t approve of black magic, but we do guarantee a chance for you to share your marketing wizardry on stage.

Announcement of Finalists: 5th July 2024.

APPIES FESTIVAL – Judging & Presentations: 11- 12 July, 2024.

Registrations for The APPIES FESTIVAL can be made here.

Event Website: 

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