Directors Think Tank adds award-winning Philippines director, Adrian Calumpang, to its roster

Directors Think Tank (DTT) have signed highly-acclaimed and award-winning Manila based director, Adrian Calumpang, to work across the DTT global network.

As a director, Adrian, whose work spans across commercials, music videos and fashion films, is known for his complex narratives told with a visual style and deft use of VFX. 

In advertising, he has been instrumental in the corporate rebranding of major technology companies and is often tapped by multinationals to give their identity a refresh, delivering material that is unconventionally shot yet consistently on the pulse.

‘I’m extremely excited about this, it’s an honour to be invited to join a team of like-minded, forward-thinking practitioners,” Adrian said. “Directors Think Tank has an indisputable passion for the craft and the expertise to match, as the outstanding work they’re recognised for says it all. This is also a great fit, as DTT has regional networks across Asia including Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as some amazing resources such as full service post production, the BOLT (robotic arm) Studio and the busy Film and TV content division. I really like the direction they are taking in this ‘forever’ evolving market.”

Adrian has partnered with some of advertising’s most influential brands and companies, including The Coca-Cola Company, Unilever, Nestle, San Miguel Brewery, Honda, Adidas, Heineken and Nike. 

Adrian’s point of view is often sought for his take on youth and music subcultures, attracting collaborations with fashion designers, athletic brands and artists. His experimental side is revealed in a portfolio which encompasses music videos for several influential musicians and fashion films for international streetwear brands and high fashion magazines.

‘Adrian is a very unique director, apart from working on some pretty major international commercial campaign’s, he has also collaborated with fashion designers, athletic brands, and musicians, which showcase Adrian’s very experimental side,” said Executive Director of DTT, Stephen Douglas. “It is also here that he displays his proficiency for VFX and edge in crafting surrealist technological fantasies.”

Watch Adrian’s reel here:

AC REEL / 2021 from Adrian Calumpang on Vimeo.

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