Dable becomes the largest provider of Chinese Native Ad Inventory in Malaysia

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Dable, the global content discovery and native advertising platform, announced that it has become the largest provider of Chinese Native Ad Inventory in Malaysia.

Dable’s Chinese Media network has surpassed 101 million monthly page views and is now leading the Malaysian market as the largest provider of Chinese Native Ad Inventory. Dable has secured high-quality inventory by partnering with premium Chinese publishers in Malaysia such as China Press, eNanyang, Guang Ming Daily, Oriental Daily, Goody25, and Jiuzyoung.

Dable, based in South Korea, is a media-tech start-up with world-class big data and personalization technology. It provides ‘Dable News’ that recommends personalized content through widgets titled ‘Content you may like’ embedded on the top/bottom of the web page.

Powered by AI and machine learning technology, Dable provides high-quality content by analyzing the user’s online behavior and consumed content in real-time. This allows users to stay longer on websites and consume more content while increasing organic pageviews and revenue for publishers.

In addition, Dable works with local and international advertisers to help publishers generate incremental revenue and discover more customers through ‘Dable Native Ad’, which displays advertisements that blend in with the website’s organic content. It brings high performance by showing ads that match the users’ interest, such as exposing airline ticket ads to users who read travel articles.

Advertisers can also target ads by time, place, gender, device, and interests. Dable ads are also effective as it captures the attention of users without interrupting their browsing time. 

“Our decision to use Dable’s services was driven by their ability to win over a 6-month long A/B test.” explained Loh Yee Wei, Exec Editor-in-Chief of The China Press. “They (Dable) were able to increase our native ad revenue and CPC (Cost-per-click).”

“Our Malaysian Chinese media network has grown aggressively over the past two years and we are honoured to work with some of the biggest media groups and publishers in Malaysia.” said Chaehyun Lee, Dable’s CEO.

“With an average total monthly widget impression of 85.4 million garnered by our (Malaysian) Chinese media network, we are beyond ready to lead the industry. We look forward to continuing and creating lasting partnerships with more influential publishers while providing valuable content to users,” added Chaehyun.

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