CRM announces new lead, members and partnership

Jake Abdullah

Chief Executive Officer of Astro Radio, Jake Abdullah

( – Commercial Radio Malaysia (CRM) elected Datuk Jake Abdullah, the Chief Executive Officer of Astro Radio, as their new president. Also joining the body are three new members, iMalaysia For Youth (iM4U FM), Cense Media Sdn Bhd (Kupi Kupi FM) and Husa Network Sdn Bhd (Manis FM).

The new additions mark the body’s highest membership with 18 members representing 24 commercial radio stations.

In addition to the new members, CRM also engaged, GfK as its new research partner to generate com insights and data for its members, advertisers and other business partners.

Replacing CRM’s outgoing president, Seelan Paul, Chief Executive Officer of Media Prima Radio, Jake mentioned that he would continue to strengthen CRM’s founding principles and set new milestones for the body.

Having joined Astro in 1996 as an announcer and music executive, Jake climbed the ranks at the media company to his current position of CEO.

The content provided by radio, according to Jake, was a great channel to bring together local the community, increasing social action and promoting local businesses.

Sharing his thoughts on the medium’s future, Jake shared:

“The key for radio moving forward is its continuous ability to work seamlessly with other available platforms, this is already evident in the year on year growth of the digital Radio Adex.”

“Radio is moving from strictly being an FM only platform to a content proposition that’s delivered to our audience no matter which device they’re on.”


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