Irene Foo to lead Marketing at Domino’s Malaysia


Irene Foo, former VP and Head of Branding & Communications of Lazada, has recently joined Domino’s Pizza Malaysia as their Senior General Manager of Marketing.

Irene will be reporting to Shamsul Amree Abdul Rahman, CEO of Domino’s Pizza Malaysia. She is currently being mentored by Linda Hassan, Group CMO (Malaysia, Singapore and Cambodia).

Marketing Magazine had a chat with Irene regarding this new step in her career.

How do you feel about leaving Lazada?

Lazada has given me a lot of amazing memories and an abundance of experience. To me it was more of taking the next step in my career and to embark on a new adventure.

What is your official role and what will your responsibilities be at Domino’s?

The marketing team in Domino’s Malaysia has been growing tremendously in the past few years under the leadership of Linda, being able to learn from her has been very astonishing. I will be taking over to lead the Marketing team in Malaysia.

What can we expect to see more from Domino’s marketing under your leadership?

The current team is filled with amazing people and amazing talents. Together with the team we would be working on current and new initiatives.

How has the experience at Lazada helped strengthen your skills as a marketer and how do you foresee applying those skills at Domino’s?

Lazada has sharpened the saw for me in certain aspects of marketing, especially in branding and communications. Merging the digital aspects to traditional media and creating a co-relations from an insight and attribution stand point would be something that would be one of the skills that will help me in my journey at Domino’s Malaysia.

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