Slow marketing the new norm?

Slow Marketing
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With market conditions becoming more difficult with a vast number of consumers losing purchasing power, smart brands are now opting out of the traditional style of marketing, otherwise known as fast marketing.

The whole scenario of the pandemic stricken world population is like one of those giant scars that Bob Ross used to stroke unto his paintings right before making it into a masterpiece.

Yes, we are affected, more mentally than most other ways, unless of course there’s more to add to the trauma.

In such situations, practicing “Slow Marketing” (please don’t take that too literally) is a great way for brands to show their both their current and potential customers that they care. Understanding your customers and helping them understand you through engagement and interaction, then building a long term relationship – is in my opinion the best way to describe how slow marketing works.

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While many marketers are still hopeful about the magical effect the expected herd immunity will have towards penetrating their respective markets with the traditional cutthroat style of marketing, a lot of the most aggressive marketers have started upping their engagement game with customers.

The latest and one of the best examples of slow marketing is probably the Malaysia Airlines ASMR experience.

Malaysia Airlines recently put up an audio recording capturing all the sounds you might hear if you were departing for London’s Heathrow from Kuala Lumpur onboard the national carrier.

As Malaysia continues to be under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 30-minute aural voyage turned out to be just the thing some Malaysians needed for a little bit of escape.

Put your headphones on and join us for the trip if you haven’t already.

The Sounds of MH

The audio takes you through familiar sounds of a busy Kuala Lumpur International Airport – from the waiting hall to boarding flight MH4 and traveling towards England. It is best listened to with headphones on for the full ASMR – autonomous sensory meridian response – effect.

Viewers, or rather, listeners, have gone through an emotional roller coaster while with this ASMR experience. Since the clip went up on YouTube, it has gotten nearly 143,000 views.

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