Comfort Zone: What does working from home look like for you?

If magic happens when you step outside your comfort zone, then are we doomed in terms of creative output with this 2-week home quarantine? Or maybe working from home for two weeks straight is out of the norm enough, it ironically throws us out of an oddly constructed comfort zone born out of routine.

Whichever it is, you can’t deny that this is a unique opportunity for a mass experiment to test out what Work From Home (WFH) yields.

To give it a real shot at success, one of the first things you have to do is establish your work station at home, to get into the zone.

As a creative play on the situation and to keep our minds both stimulated and amused at the same time, we’re calling on everyone in the industry to send us a photo (or video) of themselves in their WFH set-up for an official #HomeWorkStation campaign by MARKETING Magazine.

The photo can include you or it can be of just your work station at home. Don’t hesitate to get creative with it! Some of us have lost a sense time and didn’t even realise today is a Friday – so we could use a little bit of fun.

Upload your photos on facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the #HomeWorkStation or email them to [email protected] to be included in this industry thread.

To start things off, here are some of the MARKETING Magazine staff in their own #HomeWorkStation:

Amira, Events & Digital Marketing Officer

“I need a proper and comfortable space for me to focus on doing my work while at home.  Whereever you are, must be presentable. Even if it’s only halfway :D”

Jarrod, Business Development Manager

“Working from home is no different when you’re doing a sales job, when make revenue people are looking at you, when there’s no revenue also people looking at you. Die Die WFM.”

Ruby, Events & Office Manager

“Casual yet professional at all times “

Vasuki, Content Officer

“I just moved into a new place before the quarantine so working from home has translated into couch potato-ing for me because of the lack of furniture. Weirdly it’s been more productive but I am now one with the couch”

Sandesh, Senior Project Manager

Welcome to working from home. The place where the hours you actually work are made up and your pants don’t matter.

Lilna, Senior Multimedia Designer

A supermom who loves kids and work.

Ali, Art Director

“Kids at work”

Timothy, Finance Manager

“Dining table cum workstation”

Austen Zecha, CEO of K&L-ISC

“Surrounded by food, trusty dog and my favorite Balinese painting!”

We want to keep this list growing! Send your photos to [email protected] with a short caption!

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