Astro kickstarts MARIGOLD’s movement for fearless mothers and adventurous children

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With the milk market being such a competitive product segment, MARIGOLD had to convince mothers that MARIGOLD’s fortified formula contains nutrients needed for their child’s growth and development. Astro’s expertise in crafting a successful reality show content made it the perfect home for a unique branded game show to showcase MARIGOLD’s messaging in a fun and entertaining manner.


Mothers want the best for their kids especially milk, as it is one of the main sources of nutrients for their bones and growth. Most milk brands use a similar statement on their nutritional facts.

Therefore, MARIGOLD needed to find a different way to win over mothers and gain market share in a competitive segment.

Strategic Fit

MARIGOLD utilised its mascot, Happi Cow in order to connect with mothers and kids while establishing itself as the go-to milk brand, essential for children’s growth to reach their fullest potential. MARIGOLD needed a platform to forge this connection between its functional benefits and relevance to audiences.

Being the home to reality shows, Astro had the expertise in crafting successful reality game shows that showcased the brand’s messaging in a fun and entertaining manner.


The campaign’s main objective was to win over mothers and gain market share. MARIGOLD wanted to connect with mothers and kids while establishing itself as the go-to milk brand.


To convince mothers to place their trust in MARIGOLD UHT milk as their brand of choice for their children, Astro banked on the idea of starting a movement for mothers to be fearless and let their kids explore the world.

Astro came up with the idea of a branded reality game show “Cabaran Happi Susu UHT MARIGOLD” where consumers stood a chance to participate as contestants.

The contestants, parents with kids, worked together to solve obstacles both physically and mentally. The challenges were designed to encourage communication between parents and kids while the mascot, Happi Cow, helped to form a bond between parents and kids and drive engagement with audiences.

MARIGOLD’s key USP were seamlessly integrated into the gameplay and was created into branded capsules to emphasise the brand’s messaging. Home viewers engaged with the show through a dedicated homepage on digital platforms, with weekly episodic questions for a chance to win attractive prizes.

The campaign was promoted through three phases:

1. Catch: Starting a Movement

 A call for action 20-second promo was created to instigate the movement to get moms and dads to let their child explore the world through the gameshow and participate as contestants.

The promo ran across Astro’s Malay channels to drive recruitment and traffic to the content’s official website for registration.

2. Activate: Building the Narrative for Mothers

A story-based capsule was created depicting a mother’s love towards her child as she let her kids go out and explore, knowing an active childhood creates strong and healthy kids.

The capsule encouraged mothers and kids to explore by convincing that it’s ok to be adventurous if you have a good foundation and strong bones which starts with MARIGOLD UHT milk.

The capsule ran across Astro’s Malay channels in high rotation to promote the message of MARIGOLD UHT Milk as the milk of choice for children’s growth while establishing the brand as an enabler for a strong bond between mother and child.

3. Connect: Cabaran Happi Susu UHT MARIGOLD

The 4-episode branded reality Time-Base Competition cum Treasure Hunt was set against the backdrop of Malaysia’s most popular theme park, Sunway Lagoon, where 3 teams (parents and kids) compete in various tasks as they undergo obstacles curated specifically to highlight MARIGOLD UHT MILK USP to earn points.

In each round, the teams have to find clues, questions, and bonus points hidden along the trail with a map given to lead them to the treasure hunt where only one family will emerge as the ultimate winner.

Throughout the gameplay, the families were tested in various terrain around the theme park like the beach, water park and wildlife areas to reflect real life conditions while Happi Cow cheered them along in their journey.

Content Distribution

Call for entries were also extended onto the digital and social media platforms through Astro’s digital assets such as Astro Gempak, Oh My English and Astro Ceria’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

After the content aired, MARIGOLD continued engagement and brand recall with audiences through post campaign fillers and branded advertorials shared on Astro Gempak’s website.


The overall campaign achieved impressive results! Cabaran Happi Susu UHT MARIGOLD reached 5.4 million viewers on Astro Ceria, Prima and Maya HD appealing to urban mums with children 4-9 years old.

The branded capsules reached 5 million viewers throughout campaign period of two months.

“Creating content that resonates with parents and kids was our aim as MARIGOLD UHT Milk aspires to be a brand that engages with consumers. This Astro partnership allowed us to tell our brand story through a fun and exciting manner. We look forward to more breakthrough  and innovative ideas for our future campaigns with Astro,” adds Carol Goh, Senior Brand Manager Cotra Enterprises Sdn Bhd.

This campaign was shortlisted as Finalist under Best Use of Branded Content by a Media Owner at the 2018 Spark Awards.

Media Agency: Wavemaker

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