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MullenLowe S’ng & Partners picks up new business

Newly independent creative agency MullenLowe S’ng & Partners Malaysia have picked up three new business wins.

Iskandar Investment Berhad, MCT Berhad and Etika’s Pepsi have appointed creative duties to the agency, which this month was bought out by CEO Adrian S’ng, with the objective of providing greater agility and being more responsive to the needs of its clients and the local market.

MullenLowe S’ng & Partners will still remain part of the MullenLowe Group network as an affiliate business partner, retaining access to the network’s global tools and expertise.

MullenLowe S’ng & Partners won the creative duties for projects with three well-known brands in Malaysia: launch campaigns for Iskandar Investment Berhad and MCT Berhad, and a Chinese New Year campaign for Pepsi.

In partnership with Iskandar Investment Berhad, MullenLowe S’ng & Partners will launch “EduCity”, an education hub housing nine institutions that offer a variety of qualifications to students.

The agency has also partnered with MCT Berhad to launch a new development in a highly sought-after location, and one of the biggest launches for MCT Berhad in the past few years.

MullenLowe S’ng & Partners has collaborated with Pepsi and Etika Group, Pepsi’s official Malaysian distributor, to create their ongoing Chinese New Year 2019 campaign.

The campaign depicts a reality of cultural tensions that exist in Malaysian-Chinese families, and challenges traditional Chinese New Year societal norms, such as the significance of the colour red. Adrian S’ng, CEO of MullenLowe S’ng & Partners (picture), says, “To have amassed these wins following the buyout shows we’re still able to punch above our weight as an independent agency. I’m pleased with the direction the agency is heading.”

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