APPIES Malaysia 2016 Campaign Spotlight – Cheezy pickup lines that actually worked

Hot Cheezy

KFC Hot CHeezy

( – KFC saw the opportunity in its Hot and Cheezy burger launch, to reach out to the Millennials. Knowing that Malaysian youths were fickle content consumers, KFC and its agency Ensemble Worldwide decided to tap into programmatic technology to its create brand messaging, by distributing content in a millennial-relevant manner. A move which paid off, how did they do it? Check out their APPIES case study below:

The campaign won big nabbing the gold and best presenter award at the APPIES. We caught up with Amit Sutha, Managing Director and Head of Strategy of Universal McCann, who presented his winning case during the awards.

– What was the most memorable question asked by the judges during you presentation? How did you answer it?
Well the trickiest question was when someone asked “if you were to run this campaign again, what would you do different”. That took us a bit off guard because we’d prepared for all the good stuff 

Anyway, we strongly believe that this particular campaign is a peek into the future of advertising where data fuelled story telling will start playing a more important role.

Having said that, if we were to make this campaign again we’d do two things; one, be braver, be more controversial with our storytelling and this would drive stronger noticeability. Two, we’d try to automate the process of insight generation (right now the data was manually analyzed) so that we could get even more agile with our executions.

– How did you prep for the presentation and Q & A from the judges and delegates?
Anthemic to any presentation we wanted to talk a lot. But we only had a six minutes slot.

So we decided to only skim over the details during the presentation, and use the question and answer session to talk more details about the campaign. The good part about this strategy was that we could guide and some in a small way control the question and answer session rather than be led by it.

– Any comments to share on this year’s APPIES event, anything you would do differently should you once again be shortlisted to present at the awards.

The APPIES format is intense, it’s a true test of campaign character because you are right there, in front of industry experts defending and selling your work. There’s nothing like this in the awards circuit and I am thankful for that.

And given that we won the best presenter award, why would be change things… “don’t they say, never change a winning combination”.

If you missed our podcast on BFM last Friday discussing this campaign and additional sharing from Amit on the award winning campaign click here


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