APPIES 2019 Quick Chat: Chai Hui Fung, Regional Marketing Director, Nando’s Chickenland

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Next to be in the limelight for APPIES 2019 Quick Chat is Nando’s Malaysia Chai Hui Fung. As its Regional Marketing Director, she has been the long-standing driving force behind its fun and memorable commercials.

From Nando’s hash-tags/memes, to getting other brands and competitors to copy, many now expect all that for the Peri-Peri champ. In fact, the daring-do of this grilled chicken franchise isn’t a flash-in-the-pan as Hui Fung expects nothing less.

Even with digital transformation now taking place in the marketing and advertising industries, Hui Fung firmly believes content is king.

“Brands still need to say relevant with the audience and that means continuously engaging them. This is the main reason why content is still a critical aspect for marketing,” she said. Beyond empowering current advertising assets, current and next-gen content marketing are also fueling digital channels. From social networks to video production, content is making use of the interactive features these platforms offer.

It’s the same for APPIES Malaysia Marketing Awards 2019 as Hui Fung expects to see digital capabilities in use. “Marketers must explore current and upcoming digital trends, including understanding and using technologies and innovations that are now in place,” Hui Fung added.

In the world of advertising and marketing, advanced technological infrastructure and services will include artificial intelligence and machine learning. According to Hui Fung, all these, and so many other progressive solutions, will enhance the personalisation process for campaigns. “It will certainly improve brand relevance with consumers,” she noted.

Case in point, thanks to its consistent engagement with the general public and fans on social media, it’s always top-of-mind. Indeed, this is how Nando’s Malaysia engaged its audiences on Facebook, Twitter, and via video commercials; of course, all that has created massive positive feedback.

“For APPIES 2019, I expect to see more interesting ideas with out-of-the-box thinking and more solid execution. Those pitching on this platform must also always keep this in mind: build your campaign on strong insights and the clear understandings of your target audience!” Hui Fung shared.

As for that one advice she wants to share with marketers: “Focus on the objectives and outcome that brands want to achieve. That is something judges and clients are still looking out for.”

Submission deadline for APPIES Malaysia Marketing Awards 2019: 15th March 2019. Extended deadline: 31st March 2019!

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Text by: Victor Yap 

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