Advertisers look to Free Malaysia Today for strategic branded content delivered through credible news lens

The independent, bi-lingual news portal, Free Malaysia Today (FMT) is often synonymous with presenting Malaysians important and relevant news and analyses round the clock, staying true to objectivity – a lacking dimension in today’s news scene. The news portal’s wide variety of credible content combined with its high standards of quality content has organically built trust and confidence among Malaysians since it was founded in 2009. 

Hence it came as no surprise when REV Media Group (RMG) chose FMT to be an additional value for its News Network. The partnership which became official in January of this year has not only enhanced RMG’s offerings but also added immense value to advertisers due to FMT’s credibility and the large readership it possesses.

With over 1 million  unique users and 39.4 million page views on its official news portal, FMT’s impressive engagement with their audience doesn’t stop there. Leveraging its Facebook and Instagram accounts, FMT delivers news to over 800,000 and 72,000 followers respectively. On its Facebook alone, FMT has a 3 million reach and 6.1 million engagements, and over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube.

According to RMG, the group is always on the lookout for growth opportunities and ways to expand its network and reach. The group is also constantly finding ways to enhance its offerings as a way to better cater to its clients and to ensure the solutions and platforms it provides are as comprehensive as it can get. 

FMT’s addition to the group changes the game as it brings a fresh perspective to RMG’s branded content solutions. 

Being a news portal that is popular for its strong viewpoints, the true value of FMT is its ability to elevate a brand or product’s presence in the digital space through FMT’s credibility lens and doing so with stories that resonate with the Malaysian audience. 

FMT’s audience comprises avid news readers with an affinity to a variety of interests, such as luxury shopping, sports, health and fitness, tech, cooking and dining, travel, media and entertainment, and investment.

Aside from the more common news articles, advertisers looking to tap into and engage with these audience segments can do so in various forms of branded articles, videos, special reports, and social media posts.  

By transforming straightforward objectives into strategic content pieces such as branded PR articles, expert opinion pieces, research reporting, and lifestyle content formats, FMT has created an effective list of offerings that caters to any advertiser’s goals. 

As the content business continues to grow larger every year, observing how news portals are innovating to pave the way for new and exciting ways to monetize content while staying true to their foundations, has been a case study on its own; one that FMT is leading in. 

To find out more about how FMT can help elevate your brand through strategic branded content, email [email protected]

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