IPG Mediabrands Partners with Google Cloud on Generative AI-Powered Branded Content Creation Platforms

IPG Mediabrands announces a partnership with Google Cloud to develop a suite of generative AI-powered applications that put brands at their center. Under the terms of the partnership IPG Mediabrands will develop two pilot platforms, Branded Content Generation (BrandVoice AI) and Audience & Research Insights (BrandPortrait AI).

The BrandVoice AI pilot will use Google Cloud’s latest generative AI technology to codify the essence of brands so that written and image-based content can be ideated, briefed, and drafted in an automated, safe, and on-brand manner.

The BrandPortrait pilot will use the advanced conversational capabilities of Google’s large language models to provide IPG Mediabrands strategists and planners with the ability to generate and summarize proprietary research and audience data. All content will be approved by the brands – IPG Mediabrands clients – before being utilized by the AI pilot platforms.

The IPG Mediabrands Data & Technology Innovation department has been working exclusively on AI-based solutions for nearly four years, seeing AI as the ideal technology to augment the people and capabilities of IPG Mediabrands agencies.

With deep practical expertise in AI for optimization problems, as well as identity and bias removal and identification, the Innovation team first experimented with generative AI technologies several years ago. Since then, the team has built applications and prototypes that generate ad copy, imagery, reporting insights and SEO content, all proven out in real-world campaign scenarios.

Having achieved success with its use of AI already, IPG Mediabrands will now use the power of Google Cloud’s generative AI support in Vertex AI, specifically the PaLM 2 language model, to take its solutions to the next level.

“We are excited to partner with Google Cloud to develop this new platform,” said Eileen Kiernan, Global CEO, IPG Mediabrands. “Not only does this partnership let us leverage market leading technology, but also we are aligned to Google’s responsible approach on data governance which ensures our clients information is well protected.

We know that the potential of this technology is just scratching the surface, but we believe that by placing brands at the center of AI solutions, we get to a place where the true potential can be unlocked for brands and the industry overall.”

“IPG Mediabrands will help to empower brands in new ways with their AI-based platform,” said Manvinder Singh, Managing Director, Partnerships at Google Cloud.

“The ability to quickly and effectively create content that is both engaging and aligned with brand values has the potential to help companies save money and more deeply connect with customers.”

The first phase of the platform will be completed by Q3 2023.

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