A new social advertising app launches with a promise of 100% transparency to advertisers


How users can navigate through the AdddON app

Launched in Malaysia only three days ago, the new social advertising app AdddON aims to disrupt the digital and mobile advertising space by creating personalised advertising that transparent on its consumer engagement metrics.

“According to a report on eMarketer the Global Digital Ad spend this year is estimated to be US$80 billion and out of that amount UD$16.4 billion is reported to be the real cost of ad fraud. Based on this we saw the need to launch a digital advertising service which enables clients to view each consumer’s engagement for every dollar invested in their advertising campaigns.”

“Let’s face it; Mobile ad blocking is growing by 90% year on year, we believe GENERIC Advertising must and needs to change going forward in the over invasive digital market” Justin Connolly who co-founded the Australian company shared in an interview with MARKETING.

An example of how clients can set up your AdddON campaign

To start off a campaign on AdddON a client can create an account, upload their ad template, set a budget and a fixed amount to pay each consumer for every AdddON shared. Brands can integrate visuals from their ongoing campaigns into an AdddON template and have the opportunity to create personalised micro ads featuring consumers targeting peer to peer audiences.

Once an AdddON is created users can then share it on their social media platforms and are rewarded for each share.

“Clients can match every dollar spent with every AdddON created by each user through AdddON’s dashboard. They will not only be able to view engagement figures but also view each AdddON created by every user. They can even reuse them onto their own social media sites or any other digital media” Justin shared while adding that when building the app, ensuring their client’s dashboard was easy to navigate and extract data from was key.

Clients are able to view each AdddON created by users on their dashboard

Justin shared that they were currently in talks with brands in the FMCG and soft drinks category that was looking to build brand affinity among their consumers with AdddON.

“Taking selfies is something many in this region love to do. Hopefully, with AdddON we will be able to make advertising fun, personalised and more noticeable!”. 

For more information on AdddON visit www.adddon.com

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