A New Chapter for Netcore Cloud in Malaysia

Leading global MarTech and Customer Experience company has been making major strides in Malaysia for the last decade. Marquee brands such as BonusLink, Photobook, Senheng App, and CakeRush have been successful in driving profitable growth backed by Netcore’s largest suite of Gen-AI-backed offerings.

In yet another strategic move towards, strengthing its growth in South East Asia and globally, Netcore has appointed a seasoned expert, Praveen Sridhar as Vice President of Growth and Special Projects.

With his impressive 15-year journey in customer engagement and advocacy, Praveen’s joining not only amplifies Netcore Cloud’s leadership fortitude but also solidifies its commitment to innovation and sectoral dominance.

As we delve into Praveen’s vision for the company, let’s first understand his trajectory and how he spearheads the company’s global outreach. We sat down with Praveen to understand his vision for Netcore Cloud’s expansion and how his background in customer engagement and advocacy shapes the company’s approach.

Q1: With your expertise in customer engagement and advocacy, what strategies do you plan to deploy to drive Netcore Cloud’s worldwide expansion?

Praveen: Continual Partnership and Profitable Growth are not just buzzwords; they complement each other. Netcore’s core values emphasize making our customers more successful and driving profitable growth for them. This year, these two strategies are my prime focus.

Q2: You’ve often highlighted the concepts of ‘Emotional Investment’ and ‘Continual partnership’. How do you believe these ideas will reshape customer interactions with Netcore Cloud?

Praveen: Emotional Investment (EI) reflects the depth of a customer’s connection with a product. It’s like that one cherished item someone wouldn’t replace no matter what. As a leading SAAS product, we aim to cultivate this level of investment which, in turn, builds staunch customer advocacy.

EI doesn’t bloom in isolation; it requires continual partnership with the customer. By co-owning their growth and being genuinely zealous about their success, we’re not just looking at standard customer interactions but aiming for enriched engagements.

Q3: How do you believe Netcore Cloud can carve out a niche for itself in the global market, particularly regarding customer experience?

Praveen: Product differentiation is commonplace, but the real challenge is in embodying Emotional Investment, Continual Partnership, and Profitable Growth. We are not just focused on Customer Experience; we aim for Customer Delight.

On the product front, we have a great advantage with our Inbox commerce and Gen AI capabilities which makes us truly full-stack martech solutions

Q4: The MarTech landscape is evolving swiftly. How do you plan to adapt to these shifts and ensure that Netcore Cloud remains a pioneer in innovation?

Praveen: Our focus is multifaceted. We’re delving deep into Gen-AI – from hyper-personalized content to self-learning journey builders. Another groundbreaking initiative is Inbox Commerce. We’re constantly looking for ways to reduce friction points for shoppers.

With Inbox Commerce, shoppers can transition from browsing to purchasing products directly via email.

Q5: Given Netcore Cloud’s integrated model of technology and customer experience, how do you foresee collaboration to guarantee that technological advancements seamlessly elevate the customer experience?

Praveen: Our commitment is to an integrated approach that merges technology with exceptional customer delight. Every development, be it a test case or a feature, centers around the customer experience. The customer’s problems remain our focal point, from demos to marketing.

Praveen Sridhar’s vision for Netcore Cloud underscores a customer-centric approach, weaving together technology, innovation, and emotional resonance. As the company continues its global expansion, it’s clear that they aren’t just looking to serve customers – they’re aiming to delight them.

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