Malaysian filmmaker bags bronze medal at Cannes 2019 for anti-bullying PSA

5 months ago

A Malaysian filmmaker has done her country proud after bagging a bronze medal at the prestigious Cannes Gold Lion 2019 Award for a Public Service Announcement (PSA) video.

In case you’re in the dark, the Cannes Gold Lion Award is held annually at Cannes, France to celebrate and award the best advertisements around the world.

The powerful PSA video which was close to three minutes long was directed by Nadiah Hamzah and two other directors, Syed Madnuh and Emir Ezwan.

It dealt with an important issue that has become pretty heated of late: Bullying.

In the video, three teenagers of different gender and race are shown being bullied before they break the fourth wall and speak to the viewers, telling them that it’s pointless to “like or share” these sort of videos.

The video was made for non-governmental organisation Voice of the Children with the assistance of creative agency, Leo Burnett.

Nadiah’s video is currently among the 102 videos displayed on the Cannes Gold Lion Awards YouTube channel.

The filmmaker had taken to Twitter to share her success, urging her fans to prep themselves for her upcoming film, Motif, which is set to be released in September this year.