Members of the Malaysian Digital Association (MDA), don’t need to read this

Because you are already aware of how important AI is,

as you proudly lead the way to excellence in our industry.

You will surely show up at the Malaysian Marketing Conference & Festival 2024

on Artificial Intelligence. After all, AI your domain. And can’t be missed.

To add to your impressive institutional knowledge, you will be delighted to listen to

Australia’s Hottest marketing star on AI – Lucio Ribeiro.

After that, you can treat yourself to The Advertising Show – a super charged hour

featuring Malaysia’s best marketers in rapid-fire 15-min sessions,

dissecting their views and marketing plans on Artificial Intelligence.

All the distinguished Guests are decorated Malaysian CMOs of The Year 2023.


The most anticipated attraction at the Conference is what we call

The Grand Experiment, and you guys are going to love this!

Because it has been designed with you in mind

You see, Creative Superstar Farrokh Madon and I have been working on how we can take real life

marketing challenges when developing advertising creativity with AI: from Brief to Execution.

So over the past 2 months, we tried over 20 tools and now, the good and the bad

results of our experiments will be presented on stage for you on May 15.

The Challenge

Our AI Lab Project is 24/7 and we linked with cutting edge creative and

production players from across the world for this Grand Experiment.

So working from Brief to Execution, we have taken some classic ads like Old Spice,

Petronas, Burger King, and more, and reverse-engineered their briefs as best we could.

We wanted to see how they would execute in today’s age of AI with the new tools.

And to see, hopefully, if the briefs would produce the same results as the original.

First, we put the reverse-engineered brief in a myriad of scripts generators,

to see which would give us the best script possible for the next stage – execution.

Second, during execution, the better scripts were then fed into many text-to-video apps to achieve the final outcome, hoping they would be as close as possible to the original Old Spice, Petronas or Burger King.

Or Not. Sometimes, AI can let you down. It is not always magical!

We discovered a lot of learnings and the journey were not easy,

as there were many challenges. The value of sharing our experience

is to ensure that you don’t end up making the same mistakes.

We know that this Grand  Experiment is not the first, and is certainly

not going to be the last, but it’s about learning as we go.

In this session, you will surely walk away with a more sharpened AIIQ,

as you walk back to your office with a little hop in your step!

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The APPIES is an annual event that presents a rare opportunity for creative, media, digital and marketing agencies or brands to present their best campaigns to the industry.

This is the only event where Live Presentations meets Live Judging.

Similar to TED Talks, The APPIES is the chance for great presenters with outstanding work to show it off to some of the industry’s most important industry leaders.

This year’s winners will receive Gold, Silver or Bronze trophies for 21 categories, and 6 special Best of Best categories (red trophies) that require no submissions!

Campaign entries must have run between June 2023 to May 2024

Submissions Deadline
30th June 2024

APPIES Festival – Judging & Presentations
11th – 12th July 2024 (Malaysia)


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