Wisesight Rolls-Out Malaysia's First-Ever Facebook Statistics Report

Wisesight rolls-out Malaysia’s first-ever Facebook Statistics Report

For those wondering if there is a proper industry-wide study on social media statistics, Wisesight just did one; it is now available for free download here. Details inside the report include key insights on Facebook’s statistics and consumer engagement patterns.

Called the Wisesight Insights Facebook Statistics Report, it studies Malaysia’s Facebook Insight Statistics for eight industries and their social performance. This is specifically for Malaysian’s social behaviour, in Q4 2018; of course, the focus is for the following industries: Banking, Beauty, Chain Restaurants, Education, Hospitality, Medical & Health, Real Estate, and Retail Stores.

The research aims to help brands maximise their content effectiveness and how it adheres to three objectives:

  • Hitting the right targets: Understanding the competition and consumer engagement patterns
  • Saving costs: Optimising the cost of Facebook ads through the right day/time investment periods
  • Industrialising insights: Learning how each industry has different user behaviours

According to Wisesight, Malaysia is the fifth country with the most active Facebook users in Southeast Asia. At 24 million users, the largest group being 25-34 years old, brands must always check they’re actively engaging these users.

With the data in hand, Wisesight will be able to reveal industry movement. This will mostly focus on total engagement, average engagement per post by industry, and industry average for posts per day. The consumer’s side of engagement in correlation to brand content, by day and time, is also included.

“It is critical for brands to verify if they are indeed on the right track; even if it is their own field, consumers are evolving everyday,” said Shakthi DC, Founder, Regional Director of Wisesight APAC. “With that in mind, we decide to provide a social guide; specifically, for brands to learn about their position on social media.”

Of course, here are some key insights that are within the Wisesight Insights Report:

  • Banking is the most active in terms of postings per-day and per-month; it’s the highest by-far
  • Retail store brands have the highest engagements from consumers
  • Consumers engaged less at the end of 2018 for the Education industry; measuring a total engagement decline of 31%
  • While Medical & Health may not be a forerunner in terms of volume of posts, it appears to be a favourite for sharing; at least 26%

Text by: Victor Yap

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