What Is Social Listening and Why Is It so Important?

By now businesses know social media isn’t purely a broadcast platform. A successful strategy is built around reaching the right people at the best time with the most insightful content.

In order to achieve this, companies often need to sharpen your social listening abilities.

Often our Partner Clients face challenges such as using listening tools which sentiment data inaccurately because the language of one’s home country is complex and users often speak in mixed slangs.

Plus there simply hasn’t been a tech that can truly understand your target audiences sentiment.

There’s also the added lack of local sources such as popular industry specific webboards and news sites which are unique to one’s country.

Your monitoring dashboard could be full of fantastic charts and numbers, however, if they do not actually provide any actionable insights, how can it serve its purpose?

Then there is the ever prevailing struggle to turn all that precious data and insights for your organization to strategic game-changing actions.

This is where Wisesight comes into action. Wisesight is an Elite APAC Social Media Analytics Provider currently #1 in Thailand and has over 8 years of experience in social intelligence, with more than 170 active clients in APAC & are actively servicing Partner Clients from over 20 industries.

Wisesight provides ZOCIAL EYE, the fastest and most advanced social intelligence platform providing real-time social data on a hyper-localized level.

The company’s proprietary crawler engines are also constantly enabled to populate local popular sources in the APAC countries we serve.

Wisesight’s built-in AI system constantly learns human contexts, slangs thus helping you get the right messages, preventing spam and irrelevant messages.

With Malaysia as Wisesight’s Asia-Pacific Regional Hub, the ever-present local technical team is ready to serve whenever you face tool and analytics issues.

When your Organisation is going through a crisis, you need 3 things by your side: lots of coffee, a stress ball, and a monitoring tool.

Wisesight’s monitors for conversations about your Brand or Industry on social media. Helping Partner Clients keep watchful eyes on their online reputation, the Wisesight team is dedicated to especially be on the lookout for a crisis.

Wisesight’s crisis monitoring team will alert you through Whatsapp or email, so you can rest easy!

Most importantly Wisesight’s research services through our dedicated Corporate Insights Analysts will help you discover the right key metrics that reflect on your KPIs to measure your Brand’s/campaign’s true performance and unlock actionable insights that will help you gain a keen advantage in the Digital Game.

Get to know more. Contact Wisesight through +60379312429 or [email protected]

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