Truckit! offers advertising on trucks with GPS tracking

Truckit launch - Featured image

Advertisers can now display and track OOH advertisements with Truckit!, a service which features more than 1,000 trucks that travel through 1,000 routes.

Advertisers can now engage their target audience based on geographical locations with Truckit!, a service that displays advertisements on more than 1,000 trucks travelling through 1,000 routes.

What’s more, they can track the trucks’ movements via a GPS app.

Launched in December last year, the platform is supported by various industry leaders, mainly brand-centric firm Milax, advertising print support giant Pixio, and Illyria Geotechnologies (IGT), a leading innovative GPS company.

According to Truckit!, the platform aims to provide an alternative advertising edge to major corporations and an affordable advertising service to SMEs.

How it works
Truck owners who join the platform will provide their truck measurements and the routes they use.

Then Truckit! matches these routes with the advertisers and their potential clients. Next, the advertisements are installed on the relevant trucks.

Enhanced transparency
Truckit! also stays true to its tagline: ‘We don’t move, you don’t pay’. Advertisers are billed by the mileage, and the utilisation of the GPS tracking app is meant to enhance transparency.

In addition, truck owners can cater to special requests from the advertisers. Trucks on customised routes are able to implement the ‘House Call’ service. This option includes event drive-bys, on-location appearances and photo shoots.

Besides that, Truckit! offers other incentives that benefit both truckers and advertisers.

There are subsidised GPS charges, weekly wash for listed trucks, expanded driver incentives and extra earnings to truck owners for the extra mileage covered.

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