Dynamic Creatives: A Game Changer In DOOH Advertising?

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“Dynamic Creatives; A Game Changer In DOOH Advertising?” was first published in MARKETING WEEKENDER Issue 337

When it comes to brand building online, it’s all about the packaging. Brands want to tell a story that will be relevant and resonate with their clients. Packaged in the most humanly possible way. With dynamic creatives, the same brand can curate the story to a moment, a timeframe, a location or a sunny day!

The conversion of static billboards and signs to digital panels coupled with ad-serving technology now makes this possible for outdoor advertising too.

Simply put, dynamic creative capabilities enable marketers to change advertising messages in real time to better suit the preferred audience and a specific environment. It makes the messaging to be more applicable and engaging, which in turn makes it more effective.

Behavioral scientist Richard Shotton, likened the effect of context in advertising to hearing your name mentioned above the noise at a cocktail party. Building the kind of intrigue, attention and engagement that leave a lasting impression and make people act or think about it.

Dynamic creatives hinge on data to influence a specific creative asset. This can include a spectrum of data feeds ranging from sports scores, weather, traffic patterns, promotional offers, directions to the nearest retailer and localised visuals, which will help marketers to unlock and deploy dynamic creative campaigns across the full Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) ecosystem.

Dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) in today’s world unlocks a new way of thinking when it comes to playing and buying out-of-home media. Marketers who invest heavily in creative strategies can now create compelling campaigns that activate and respond to real-world data in real time.

Research has shown that even small tweaks to messaging has led to an increase in ad impact by nearly 38 percent across a five-day period. This is an important study marketers can use as a starting point to run dynamic creatives on DOOH – especially as a majority of DOOH creatives remain unchanged throughout their airing periods.

What’s Holding Brands Back?

Dynamic creative is a synonym for personalised content. The difference here is the infusion of data sources, the advancement of software and hardware for data processing, machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence.  The result is bespoke, contextually relevant messaging to the right audience, at the right time and space.

Dynamic Creative files act as a layout so agencies can swap the creatives based on the locality, the weather, the offer and many other benchmarks. This is made possible by the through ad serving capabilities used by digital screens that are connected to the internet and to best-in-class adtech platforms developed for DOOH media.

One reason for the reluctance to deploy dynamic creatives could be the belief that there is a lot of manual work or multiple layers of approvals involved when executing dynamic creatives. DOOH involves multiple formats, softwares and hardwares, this sophistication tricks marketers into believing that delivering dynamic creatives across different DOOH sites is difficult.

However, at the core of an impactful dynamic DOOH campaign are the datapoints used to make the creative decisions. It is important for marketers to assess these when choosing a technology partner to activate such campaigns.

The Moving Audiences platform, developed by The Moving Walls Group to automate DOOH inventory discovery, planning, buying, and measurement, is connected to a range of relevant data signals to run dynamic creatives on billboards.

Impactful examples

Food Delivery Brand Promotes Different Menu Items Based on Live Weather Signals

dynamic creatives moving walls foodpanda dooh marketing weekender issue 337 a

dynamic creatives moving walls foodpanda dooh marketing weekender issue 337 b
Foodpanda deployed a contextual Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) programmatic campaign that used traffic and weather triggers to display a variety of curated menu for commuters

Fuel Brand tells Drivers How Far they are from the Nearest Gas Station based on Real Time Traffic

dynamic creatives moving walls seaoil dooh marketing weekender issue 337 b
SEAOIL leveraged live traffic signals to tell drivers duration to the nearest fuel station using programmatic DOOH while launching its annual lifetime free gas promotion during this time.

McDonald’s Taps Live Weather Patterns to Display Promotions on Iconic Digital Screens

dynamic creatives moving walls mcdonalds dooh marketing weekender issue 337 a

moving walls mcdonalds dooh marketing weekender issue 337
A multinational fast food chain executed a programmatic weather based DOOH campaign that included three dynamic creatives including for sunny, rainy climes and Petsa de Peligro.

Shell Serves Personalised Messages Based on Car Brand Recognition

moving walls shell dooh marketing weekender issue 337
The digital billboard in this campaign features Shell’s V-power that can identify specific car brands and get customised messages that urge them to try the new premium fuel for power and performance.

Driving Purchase Intent with A Combination Of OOH and Social Media

moving walls snickers dooh marketing weekender issue 337 a

moving walls snickers dooh marketing weekender issue 337 b
A well known chocolate bar brand executed a multi-faceted campaign to amplify its brand identity and capture clients attention. Seen on the left is data triggered to include seven creatives at one site and on the right is pre-configured 500+ creatives that was displayed nationwide.

Dynamic Creatives Checklist

Keep in mind that your creative content, promotions or call-to-action are based on user behavior and their journey. So the more personalised the ad, the more relevance it will be with the consumer.  When done right, the dynamic creative should meet the user where they are.  Doing this will also optimise your return on ad spend, because they are more targeted.

There’s no limit to how creative you can get with your campaign but here are some popular ways.

moving walls dooh marketing weekender issue 337

Nearest Store Locator – A proven advertising channel for driving foot traffic straight to your store, this involves how and where consumers can reach your brand physically.

Real-Time Triggers – From selling tickets to promoting a sports match, plugging in match details and game scores creates urgency.

Weather Conditions– Capitalise on the weather by creating content that influences buyer behavior during certain climes.

Product Promotions – means to deliver specific promotional messaging spending on the offers you have

Countdowns or Ups – When launching a product or service, create hype with this one

Day of the Week / Time of Day – Change the ad to suit a day of the week or time of the day depending on the location and demographics.

Let’s Get Dynamic!

The quickest and easiest way to get started is to book a demo with us. Dynamic creatives are here to stay and optimisation of dynamic creatives has already taken flight. This might just be the impetus your brand deserves.

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