Top 10 paw-pular Chinese New Year ads, paws down!

Youtube Malaysia unveils top ten paw-some Chinese New Year advertisements just paw you!
The zodiac calendar has finally come back to man’s best friend, dog. So sit down with a cuppa, start scrolling as we bring you YouTube Malaysia’s favorite Chinese New Year advertisements.
Of course, get your fellow pet doggies to join in the treat as well, it is their year after all!

  1. 5 Sekawan Selamanya – Chinese New Year Short Film by Celcom

Giving us a closer look at the unique Peranakan culture, the short film features the return of the lovable ‘5 Sekawan’ preparing for the Chinese New Year celebration.

 2. #JiakSongSong with Gaviscon
This year, Gaviscon tells you not to fret with troublesome issues of overeating like heartburn – just by ingesting Gaviscon!

Lazada’s commercial paints the perfect example of how a resourceful son uses the power of online shopping to meet his mother’s demands.

4. Lee Kum Kee Malaysia – The Joyous Taste of Reunion
Lee Kum Kee’s video this year celebrates the signature dishes of each dialect group.

5. Maxis CNY 2018 – It’s time to HuatAR
If the ‘lion’ that performs at every Chinese New Year event could talk, what would it say? That’s what Maxis’ video is about. The crew interviewed Maxis’s Ah Huat the ‘lion’  – Get one-on-one time with everyone’s favourite lion!

6. – Uncover Prosperity’s Chinese New Year campaign idea encourages people to ‘Uncover Prosperity’ through their own efforts of selling on, instead of relying on chance (number)

7. #PETRONAS CNY 2018: A Long Way Home
The video portrays a son and a father who get into an argument due to the difference in life choices. However as they drive along heading back home, they started reminiscing all the sweet moments together.

8. Setia CNY TVC 2018 – Stay Together. Stay Setia
The video stars a doting grandmother and a cheeky grandson and how she tells him the meaning behind chopsticks and how it relates to Chinese New Year.

9. The Coming Together – TNB Chinese New Year 2018
Tenaga Nasional’s video starts with a scene we’re used to seeing at every family gathering: people playing with their phones. One of the siblings saw a memory from decades ago, which reminds them of how they used to sneak around to make their very own lion dance costume.

10. U Mobile – The Most Kaww 
With the endless puns in this article, hence U Mobile’s ‘kaww’ Chinese New Year video was definitely needed to be included in this list. Bet you didn’t expect the amount of puns they can come up with using the word ‘kaww’

To all our readers, we wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!

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