Systane and Entropia Noir launch first-ever Augmented Reality Eye-test

Imagine staring into your mobile phone – to test your eyes! Innovative global eye care brand, Alcon, together with Entropia Noir, part of new age Malaysian consulting-meets-agency offering, Entropia Group, have devised a solution to test consumers’ eyes for dryness through an Eye-dration Augmented Reality (AR) Test –bringing a traditionally offline test to a Facebook AR filter ad for their Systane eyedrops.

Consumers constantly stare at their mobile phone screens, and without being aware of it, the glaring light, the swiping and scrolling of images, videos, and more, affect their eyes, leaving them dry, blurry, itchy, or watery. These are all symptoms of dry eyes!

And today, with the advancement of AR and face tracking, Systane is able to test for this condition online, on social media, reaching more Malaysians than ever before. April Toh, Principal at Entropia, said: “If brands today are not competing on experience, it’s a race to the bottom. And that’s exactly why we’ve collaborated with Alcon on a long-term quest to engage experientially with Malaysians.

Utilising the strength of AR capabilities, we can turn this campaign into the biggest staring contest ever, and simultaneously help Malaysians take care of their eyes!” The AR filter on Facebook will enable consumers to conduct this smart eye test by utilising their smartphone screen. If the user blinks while using the filter, a pop-up appears, showing the result of the test. Less than 15 seconds means dry eyes!

Ramakrishnan CN, partner at Entropia and head of EXR commented further: “Part of Alcon’s vision is to advance the science of eye care. We kept this in mind while working on this digital-first campaign for Systane, joining forces to seamlessly marry the latest AR technology with eye care.

This is probably the first ever campaign of its kind in Malaysia, and
as our current focus is on fusing immersive technologies into our daily interactions via the Entropia Extended Reality (EXR) offering, we are excited about the unlimited potential of XR in this space.”

Symptoms of dry eyes include: irritation; burning or stinging; sandy or gritty feeling; tiredness; blurred vision; excessive tearing; heavy eyelids and decreased tolerance for reading or using digital screens; while causes include exposure to natural elements like wind, sun, haze, smoke, dry environments, overheated/overcooled air, and extended screen time. Test your eyes at

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