South East Asia is a vibrant, fast-growing market that presents a wealth of opportunities

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Exclusive Interview with Pratik Desai of Netcore Cloud

Unpacking the recent partnership with Google Cloud, Desai elucidates the dynamics of partnerships and Netcore Cloud‘s focus on South East Asia.

Navigating the complex landscape of the digital world can be daunting, especially when it comes to ensuring the smooth and secure delivery of communication services. That’s where partnerships can make a significant difference.

Netcore Cloud, a global Martech product company, recently made headlines with its partnership with Google Cloud. In this exciting development, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Pratik Desai, the man behind the partnerships at Netcore Cloud, to delve into the specifics of their collaborative endeavors.

Desai mentions defining the essence of a partnership: Partnerships are more than just two companies working together. They are about shared values, mutual growth, and understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses.” He stresses the critical nature of synergies in any partnership.

“Before embarking on any partnership journey, it’s crucial to understand whether our prospective partner aligns with our vision, values, and objectives. The right synergy will foster a cooperative environment where both partners can grow.”

The Art of Crafting the Right Partnerships

Desai elaborates on the different types of partnerships Netcore Cloud engages with – Technology Partnerships, Solution Partnerships and Channel Partnerships (Reseller, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Global System Integrators, Cloud Service Providers). Each type presents its unique set of opportunities and challenges.

He elaborates, “Our recent listing on Google Cloud Marketplace, for instance, is a result of our Cloud Service Provider partnership. This enhances our visibility among Google Cloud’s extensive customer base and enables potential customers to purchase our offerings directly from the marketplace.”

On the subject of Reseller and ISV partnerships, Desai adds, “These collaborations enable us to extend our reach through their networks and platforms, effectively augmenting our ability to deliver superior value to our customers.”

Discussing Netcore Cloud’s geographical focus in SEA, Desai said, “South East Asia is a vibrant, fast-growing market with a wealth of opportunities. We are keenly focused on building partnerships here that will help us deepen our engagements. Our partners play a vital role in bridging cultural and business practice differences, making them invaluable assets in our growth strategy.”

Desai wraps up the conversation by acknowledging past partners who’ve contributed to Netcore Cloud’s growth. “Our growth story is a testament to the power of partnerships. Each partner, in their unique way, has enabled us to serve our customers better and helped us chart new territories of growth. We cherish these relationships and look forward to forging many more in the future.”

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