KUPIKUPI FM Sarawak is latest Kuching based radio station

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KUPIKUPI FM SARAWAK was officially launched in their office at iCOM Square Kuching today.

Known locally as KUPIKUPI FM, the radio station goes to air via 92.5 Mhz in Kuching.

The station uses “Sama dirik pok” which losely translates to “Among us friends”.

Unlike most mainstream radio stations, KUPIKUPI FM intends to play an active role in nurturing a thriving environment that celebrates the diverse community of Borneo, which would see the station playing more local Sarawakian content, particularly songs on air.

This is obvious when one tunes into their station as most songs and music played are local Sarawakian songs.

If you didn’t know, the station is an extension of KUPIKUPI FM Sabah which is owned by the OOGA X group.

Aside from both KUPIKUPI FM stations in Kota Kinabalu and Kuching, the group also owns CITYPlus, v-tuber agency Project Hikayat; and lNFO-X.

Besides KUPIKUPI FM Sarawak and major other radio stations from West Malaysia, Kuching also receives local Kuching based broadcast from RTM’s 89.9FM and 91.9 FM, ASTRO’s Hitz, Era and MyFM, and Sarawak’s very own radio station, Cats FM.

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