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By Raihan Hadi

The ever evolving magic of audio in the world of marketing never ceases to amaze.

That being said, the oldest form of audio entertainment, i.e. radio, has made a long jump this year, to a point… where every other medium of audio remains a child of radio to date.

Nope, not just making things up as I go (as much as I’d love to). I have proof.

Just the other day I read this interesting survey on how radio remains the largest and most believed medium for audio lovers in Malaysia. The number is a whopper 96%!

Yep, 96% of people above the age of 10 on Malaysian soil resort to radio as their first choice when their olfactory senses desire a dose of audio honey.

Of course I’m not here to educate you about music and radio, as a marketer myself, I look for opportunities, and the elephant in this room happens to be audio advertising.

If 96% of an audience from diverse demographics within a geographic region love listening to live radio habitually, I would definitely put my money on radio as my go to medium for all my audio advertising spend.

astro audio radio raihan hadi audio advertising marketing asia

Thing is, which station do I choose? Well, hoping that my sub-heading didn’t go to waste, I’m sure you have guessed that name already.

The GfK Radio Audience Measurement Survey (RAM) Wave 1, 2022 reported a new high for Malaysian radio as listenership reached the equivalent to a high of 21.3 million weekly listeners, marking a phenomenal increase of 217,000 from the previous survey. From this, Astro Radio has grown its market share by 3% to 16.4 million weekly listeners, otherwise translating to 77.1% of 21.3 million available radio listeners, thus strengthening its leadership as the Numero Uno radio operator Malaysia – in all languages!

Astro Radio’s increased reach in radio listenership is underpinned by 16.6 million average digital radio streams, 25.7 million social media followers, 359.6 million video views, and 146.1 million monthly average Facebook page reach.

Why so much love, one might wonder?

astro audio radio raihan hadi audio advertising marketing asia

Well, besides finding out that radio still rules, GfK has recently zoomed it further into audio consumption behaviour. Here comes the Astro Audio One Study, it has quite a few interesting findings that I’m about to share with you folks.

More than a third of the people from the study trust the information and news they hear on radio as opposed to any other source online, which means there’s that credibility factor that advertisers need to make that final decision of choosing their preferred platform.

And why wouldn’t they? 65% of respondents from the study claimed that advertisements they hear on the radio are more memorable than any other, I’m guessing mostly due to the distraction of visuals being absent, no?

Not just that, the majority of Astro Radio listeners also claim that listening to radio ads help them discover new brands (70%), makes them consider new brands (56%), and allows them to learn more about local and/or SME brands (50%).

Need I say more? Check out Audio One Study, the first and most comprehensive audio consumption report in Malaysia, detailing the listening behavioural insights to aid marketers to make the best investment.

While I have indeed run out of pages this time, you can certainly hit up my buddies at Astro Media Solutions and plan your upcoming audio campaign, check out their latest 520 offer to get consumers in love with your brand.

À bientôt les amis!

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