Seremban sticks it to illegal outdoor ads!

A taskforce from the Seremban City Council recently hit the highways and shamed non-licensed billboard ads with stickers that said “Ad Not Licensed”.

The irony of the exercise is that the outdoor ads still stick out in clear view whereas the stickers looks like a minor “stamp” on the hoarding.

Wouldn’t the exercise have been more effective if the stickers defaced the ad by covering the celebrity in the picture? Or a part of the ad that makes it painfully obvious?

Maybe one needs a sort of crane for that, as a ladder won’t do…

After all, if the ads are illegal they should “face” up to it.

What is more bewildering is that most of the advertisers and brands are quite affluent making one wonder why they would resort to do their advertising the illegal way.

Interestingly, the Seremban City Council actually has an inventory of all the illegal ads and are finally doing something about it. It is believed that more than 100 such ads have been “notified”.

Does DBKL have a similar list? Here’s reminder from more than a year ago:

Another stupid question: if the ad is illegal does it mean the site is also outlawed? Also if the ad is not approved for display does it mean it is erroneous?

Hey, somebody has to ask the stupid questions…because from my driver’s line of sight it all looks fine to me.

Did I say fine?! Oops…

While you ponder, this collection of the stricken ads will surely tickle you this long festive weekend……

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