Scandal-Deep Facebook Continues to Grow Advertiser Base

February 13, 2019

While it faces mounting issues of various scandals throughout 2018, Facebook continues to grow its revenue and user base. In Q4 2018, the social network giant manage to exceed Wall Street expectations as it generated US$16.9 billion for that quarter. Of that, the profit amounts to US$6.9 billion.

This successes reflect the fact that Facebook continues to grow its core supporters. In fact, the user base is still growing and that alone is keeping advertisers within the ecosystem. Digiday reports that even when several top marketeers have discussed their concerns about 2018, none of them pulled out their ad dollars.

In its own Digiday+ survey, featuring a sample size of 182 ad-buyers and agencies, 62.1% reveal that the recent Facebook scandals has no impact. Specifically, “there is no material impact on their spending”. Another study reveal that 50% (of the 363 media buyers participating) have plans to increase spending on Facebook. 79% from that same report share they are raising their efforts on Instagram.

One of the data-sets from the Digiday+ study.

Both considerations are not surprising since the social media platform now has 2.32 billion monthly active users. In terms of daily, it’s 1.52 billion. Both are recorded increases from last year, with the latter seeing an additional 20 million new active users.

According to CNBC, the growths are direct representations for every geographic zone. The biggest increase has been in the Asia Pacific. These stats are encouraging advertisers – some 7 million – to stick with Facebook. Eventually, these metric reports will no longer be separate silos and all will, instead, go under a family-centric metric.

Real Focuses

By the numbers, these are impressive and definite proof that Facebook management will not be losing sleep anytime soon. Of course, this means CEO and Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, can continue his pursuit for more tech, marketing, and social innovations.


This progressive push is not just for Facebook as it applies to all its related assets. These includes major offerings like Watch, Stories, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Just so it will be seen as being proactive with the lessons of 2018, Team Zuckerberg is also raising their cyber-security game. CNBC confirms that there investment spikes for data protection is to be expected.


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