Reprise and INTI celebrate SPM results day

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Reprise Digital Malaysia produced a video for INTI International University & Colleges to celebrate all SPM school leavers this year.

Entitled “The Day”, the story depicts the inner turmoil of a student on the day she collects her SPM results, and mirrors the feelings of many students and Malaysians who go through such situations.

Stanley Clement, Managing Director of Reprise said, “We wanted to keep it real and tell it from the point of view of a typical Malaysian student. The camera follows her on results day, and captures her insecurities, hopes and dreams. We have had similar experiences ourselves, this mix of wonder, fear of the unknown, and doubt in our capabilities. We wanted to show that with the right opportunity, it is possible for everyone to go on to have successful lives and careers.”

In the video, a student wakes with a jolt as she realises it is SPM results day. She experiences a tumultuous rush of feelings as she interacts with friends and people she meets. At school, disappointing results await, but an encouraging teacher gives her hope for her future.

Tim Johnson, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Products & Partnerships, INTI International University & Colleges said, “The Reprise team tells a story that students can easily identify with. Most students do not score straight A’s, and to put it in context, we had around 400K students who sat for the exam, with only 411 getting straight A’s.”

“Rather than focus on that 1%, we wanted to celebrate this milestone for every student. The average SPM result can be worrying, but INTI understands their fears and we want to help them on their journey towards success.”

Stanley adds, “The storyline moves the character from insecurity to hope, and shows promise for all students as they enter the next chapter of their lives.”

The video was filmed in Mandarin (with English subtitles) and ends with this message from INTI, “Let us take you to your next destination”.
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