Prudential comes up with a quirky approach to addressing taboo subjects

Undo the ‘suayness’ of cancer with PRUcancerX

Bonsey Jaden has recently been selected to lead Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB)’s latest campaign to launch PRUcancer X – an insurance plan that provides high cancer protection for Malaysians.

The campaign titled ‘UNSUAY’ takes on a lighter and quirkier approach to the sensitive subject to entice more young Malaysians to start talking about cancer and the importance of insurance.

With over 100,000 Malaysians reported to be diagnosed with cancer each year, the topic remains unaddressed due to its taboo nature.

Gestures such as ‘touch wood’ or exclaiming ‘choi’ are some of the words Malaysians use when they hear the word ‘cancer’.

With this in mind, Prudential together with Bonsey Jaden, kicked off UNSUAY as a conversation starter with a relatable tagline, ‘Superstition can’t cover you’.

In early July, UNSUAY was launched as a spurious brand with original products that undo the ‘suayness’ of cancer. Would you buy the ‘Touch Wood’ Wood or Slap the ‘suayness’ away with the ‘Suay’ Slapper?

Resembling typical reactions such as a block of wood, ‘Choi’ badges, and ‘Suay’ slappers, the products were targeted at millennials through an e-commerce Facebook page and supported with unbranded Facebook, Instagram and YouTube advertisements that lead to the UNSUAY campaign page.

From there, users are faced with the hard truth of how superstition only provides temporary comfort and peace. PRUcancer X is then revealed as the real solution from the woe of cancer.

“We realized that most millennials are still uninsured despite knowing the increasing number of young Malaysians being affected by cancer.

“This is bigger than insurance; it is a conversation of getting Malaysians to be empowered enough to talk about cancer and exercise control so that they can continue to be free and independent even when the unexpected big C strikes. Therefore, we are excited to work with Bonsey Jaden as they had the most engaging idea that would resonate with Malaysians. It was extremely crucial for this campaign to stand out from the wide amount of internet information most users face every day,” said Natasha Sebastian, Head of Digital Marketing, Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad.

“The campaign started with a simple local truth – when in a tight spot, Malaysians turn to superstitions. Someone said the C-word? Touch wood! Someone mentions death? We ward off the bad juju by saying ‘choi’. But superstition can’t cover you. We tapped into this insight to get more youths to start talking about cancer and, ultimately, get them protected before it is too late,” said Adam Chan, Regional Executive Creative Director of Bonsey Jaden.

The launch of the UNSUAY campaign is to introduce PRUcancer X, an insurance solution providing high cancer protection.

The benefits payable can help individuals pay for cancer treatments and recovery cost, as well as compensate for the loss of income.

The plan provides high coverage options of up to RM2 million for the best care, affordable premium, easy enrolment, early-stage cancer coverage, and compassionate benefit.

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